My favourite competition yet!” Last week, Calmore took two teams and a total of 16 pupils to Testwood to take part in Sports Hall Athletics. Having attended a similar event earlier in the month, the children put on an even better display of determination, team work and skill as they competed in running, jumping and throwing events. Both teams did fantastically well with individuals enjoying many winning moments – Ava’s incredible target throw score of 15; Ben E’s standing jumps; Elijah and Phoebe’s incredible sprints; and both teams’ relay races. The team achieved several 2nd places and even won some events against some very strong schools. It was inspiring to watch each and every pupil push themselves to their limits and give their all. Phoebe summed it up brilliantly when she said at the end, “I thought I couldn’t do it, but I did it. Now I believe in myself!” Superb! Congratulations Verity, Ava, Lily, Amber, Sophie, Kiera, Lola, Phoebe, Elijah, Oliver P, Max, Kyle, Ben E, Ben R, Jack and Taylor. 

It was the final competition of 2019 and means the school has already participated in 11 competitions across 12 weeks of school this academic year! We’re already looking forward to 2020 – a big year of sport!