Our learning

Year 3:  This week in maths we have been applying our knowledge of bridging to addition. We have been using our number bonds to ten to help us bridge the tens when adding a number that takes us over the tens boundary. E.g. 56 + 8 will take us over the 60 boundary, therefore to bridge we would partition 8 into 4 and 4. Add 4 to take us to 60 and then the final 4 to take us to 64. This is a strategy that once mastered will help us work mentally. In English we have been looking at the features of a letter so that we know how to present our letter when we write it next week. We recognised that the pattern of three (3 ideas in a list) and conjunctions were used a lot, so this will be our focus for the rest of the week to enable us to then apply them to our own letters.  

Year 4: Last week in English we have been using C S Lewis’ style of writing to write our own character description of an evil character we have created. We are now looking at non-chronological reports about animals from Narnia.

Last week we divided three digit numbers by one digit using partitioning and place value counters to help us. In Maths this week we have moved onto area. We have been discussing what area means and how to find the area or shapes using squares. In Science we carried out an experiment on shadows and how the length of our shadows change throughout the day. We have then discussed our results and produced a line graph showing our results. This week we are applying our Science knowledge into our design and technology lessons and creating lanterns using a working circuit inside them.

Year 5:This week in literacy we have been learning about newspaper reports and their features. Next week in literacy we will be writing our own newspaper report based on an event in our class novel. In maths we have been learning about decimals and fractions.

Next week in literacy we will be editing our newspaper reports to try and improve them. In maths we will be continuing our learning of decimals and fractions.

We are all very excited for our trip next week! We hope that you have been preparing at home, if you need another kit list or have any questions then please let us know.

 Year 6:In literacy this week, we have been creating our own stories, based on Holes.  We are looking forward to sharing these with you, next week, at our Exit Point.  In maths, we have been solving fraction problems as well as learning how to calculate different percentages of amounts.  In science, we have been writing explanatory texts about how Rainforest animals have adapted to their environment.  Next week in topic, we will be learning about different rites of passage within the religion of Islam.