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Hi there

So I was back with Mr Darch’s class today – hooray!

First up was Never Wash Your Hair, and Dr Angela McAndrew took the children to meet Sir George Montgomery, who was so rich, he owned his own cinema and a film company!  If I was that rich, I’d own my own butcher’s shop!

Next was Wimpy Kid – The Meltdown, and Greg was thinking back to the time when he was babysitting and playing, pretending that floor cushions were the only safe islands in a sea of lava – ouch!

Then it was Billionaire Boy, and Bob and Joe were arguing about being sporty, and Bob was only wearing his vest and Y-fronts, not a proper PE kit.

What Are You Looking At? had some amazing facts about paintings, such as in Queen Elizabeth’s time, one of the artists mixed his own ear wax into the paint he was using, to make it stick to the paper – eeeewwwww!

My Mum Tracy Beaker was next, and Jess’s Mum had just made some fairy cakes iced with mini footballs – wow, I’d like to try those!

Nightmare – Two Ghostly Tales was next, and I listened to the one about the spooky sound of hooves knocking: just who was trying to get out of Rab’s hut?

Great reading today!  Keep it up everyone!

Licky lick