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Hi there

High paw for Year 4, and first up today was Little Mermaid’s Deep Sea Rescue, and oh no! The little mermaid’s tail had got stuck in a fisherman’s net!

Next was When I’m In Charge, and Sara was sent to her bedroom for some time out, and while she was there she decided all the things she would do if she ruled the world and everyone in it … Hmmmmm, that got me thinking … I know what I’d do if I was in charge!  I’d make every butcher give away free sausages at breakfast time!  What would you do?

Then it was Swashbuckle Lil and Miss Lubber, the teacher, got covered in Carrot poo!  Not carrot poo, Carrot the parrot’s poo!  Eeeewwwww!

Horrid Henry Robs The Bank came next and Horrid Henry wanted a hip hop robot dog very, very badly – in fact, so badly, that he had an idea that involved holding his brother Peter’s Bunnykins to ransom  …

The Worst Child I Ever Had was next, and Susan Solly had a very special collection – of painted snails! Great reading today Year 4. 

Keep reading everyone.

Licky lick

love Murphy

PS Anyone seen my teddy?