Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 4 October 2018

Hey, hey, hey!  Year 3 today, so I settled down happily outside their room, and I really must have met every single person in school today!  I had so many strokes and pats, I lost count!
First story up was Tiger x 4, where the fabricator on the spaceship was making some funny noises so Tiger went to fix it, but there was a little problem …!
Pirate! was next.  Cal and his little sister Annie had changed schools, and they had a secret about Dad which Cal told Annie had to stay a secret …
Next was In The Rue Bel Tesoro, and Sasha and Omar had a dog in a pram!  I’ve never been in a pram – I guess my legs would stick out too far anyway! 
Then it was Where Does the Moon Go?  I’ve often wondered that myself.  In this book, Julia asked Alex the alien all her questions, and he wrote a reply back!
Oh The Places You’ll Go! was next, and I listened to lots of fun poems about choosing which way to go.  My nose usually tells me which direction I need to go in!
After that, it was A Day in London, and Gran came to stay at the children’s house, bringing presents for everyone.  Hooray!  Everyone loves presents!
Last today was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Quince was trying to sort out all the actors for the play in the woods.
Great stories today, and great reading too!
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