Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 26 September 2018

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Hi there
Hey hey!  Year 4 today, and I was so hairy-happy to be back at schooooooool! I sat by some undersea world pictures and listened to the children making great music in the hall. 
Then it was time for the books!  First of all, I heard A Dog Called Homeless and in the story, it was Dad’s birthday and Dad was happy but sad at the same time.  Why do you think that might have been?  
The next story I listened to was The Boswall Kidnapping, and there was another birthday!  This time, Alex and his dad needed to go to Boswall’s department store to buy Mum a birthday present.  What do you think they bought her?
Next was The Secret Room, and the children found a secret door in Biff’s bedroom which led to a hidden … you’ll have to read it to find out!
Then it was Return to Exis, and the friends had found the four fragments but the queen told them that they needed to find the fifth – in just twelve days!
Mind the Gap came next, which was a book full of fun poems like The Tooth Fairy who flew into a tree and her tooth fell out!
A Sandwich for a Cockroach was next, and this cockroach was eating all sorts of yukky things – off the floor!
Last today was The Ultimate World Quiz and I found out all sorts of amazing facts, like that the Pacific Ocean covers nearly one third of the Earth’s surface.  That’s one ginormous puddle to drink!
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Licky lick
love Murphy