Murphy Our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 4 May 2017

Hi there
It was great to be back at school with Year 3 today.  
First of all, I listened to Spider’s Big Match, where a boy called Spencer was known as Spider because his hair looked like a spider plant! Hahahahahaha!
Next I listened to Zak’s Virtual Worlds, where Zak jumped into his dynamo junior rocket and whizzed to the virtual DVD store.  Wow!  I wish there was one of those near me!  I’d like to watch a DVD about a virtual  butcher’s shop!
After that, I found out all about Julius Caesar and how Brutus and Cassius were planning to kill him when it looked like he was going to have supreme power over everyone.
Anne Frank was next, and there was a secret annexe at the back of Anne’s dad’s office building.  I’d like to sniff out a secret annexe!  Maybe there’d be biscuits and sausages in it, just for dogs!
The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper to the Rescue was next, and it was all about a baby seal who was washed up by the sea and he was very, very hungry!  Luckily Henry the mouse was around to help him. 
Then I heard Chestnut Hill, where Noel led Dylan the way to the room she was going to share with other horse-mad girls at Chestnut Hill.  
Last today was Animal Ark – Hedgehog in the Hall, where there was a mother hedgehog and her four babies in Mr Hunter’s compost heap!  Hope nobody heaped them onto the veg patch by mistake!
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love Murphy