Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 10 May 2017

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Year 4 at the door!
Tom Gates’s Best Book Day Ever was first up today, and Tom’s outfit for the parade was a scary alien costume which frightened his sister Delia, especially when he took the mask off! 
Then, joy of joys, another Tom Gates book!  This time it was Extra Special Treats, where Granny Mavis and Granddad Bob were having a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party, except that they didn’t know it yet!
Next was Horrible Histories – The Mad Miscellany, where I learned that the Romans used whole packs of dogs all dressed in doggy suits of armour!  They couldn’t have been easy to run around in, could they?  Creak creak!  Clank, clank!
After that, I listened to Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies, where Izzy and her friends found out the the demon dinner lady was … spoiler alert!  No, I couldn’t possibly tell you, you’ll have to read it to find out!
Sophie and the Shadow Woods was up next, where Sophie climbed up a wall, using her superstrength powers.  Wow!  I’d like special superenergy powers like that!  I could swim miles across rivers, climb up mountains and never get tired, explore the jungle without ever feeling hungry …  What superpower would you like?
Next I listened to Scream Street, where Luke made friends with a vampire bat called Resus Negative and a mummy called Cleo Farr.
The Hobbit came next, and I settled down to hear adventures about Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and the dwarves travelling there and back again through Mirkwood Forest.  It didn’t sound as nice as the New Forest near us!
Last today was The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat, where Mr Grinling had a cat called Hamish who he hoped would chase all the mice away, but Hamish was a bit too well-fed to want to chase mice.  If I chased Hamish, then maybe he would!! Hahahahahahaha!
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