Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 21 June 2018

Hi there
I was with Year 3 today … at least, I think it was Year 3!  I got confused because there was a lot of moving about!  First Year 3 were in Year 4 ‘s class, then the other way round, then back to front, then upside down!  Just joking!  I wasn’t really sure what was happening!
First of all I listened to Big R, and it was Carl’s first time on a cattle drive.
Next was I’ve Got The Hic Hic Hiccups and Jack had to sing a song in his school concert, but … oh no!  He had hiccups and all his friends had suggestions as to how to get rid of them.  This book had great sound effects too!
After that, I heard Spaceship Graveyard where the friends landed in a rocky valley where there were lots of crashed spaceships.
The Frankenstein Teacher was next, and Hannibal the hamster had an accident.  Oh dear!
Last today was The Worst Witch and poor Mildred had only been at school for two days when she crashed into a wall on her broomstick! Ooof!  (That’s like woof, but there’s no “w” in the front!)
Licky lick – on my special doggy lolly that Mum made out of my dog food and ice!  Nom nom!
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love Murphy