Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 18 January 2017

Hi there
Today I sat by Elsa and Mrs Northover in the fish tank again (hahahaha! not me, I wasn’t in the fish tank!).   
I was with Miss Green’s class today and first up was Beast Quest – The Dark Realm, where Tom and Elenna were off to Gorgonia to deal with six of the deadliest beasts.
Next was Alien Adventures – The Contest where something shot past Max’s ear and exploded nearby.  Urooooooooooo!  That must’ve been a bit scary!
Then I listened to Roald Dahl and his Chocolate Factory and found out that Roald Dahl only wrote two short stories a year at first, because he was very fussy about getting the words just right.
After that, I heard How to Make Manga Characters and I found out that manga comics are made up of different panels which separate all the drawings.
Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies was next, and Jodi’s mum became allergic to the face mask she was using and had to go to hospital because her eyes swelled up so badly!
Last today was The Gaskitts, where Mrs Gaskitt won first prize in a competition.  She won a year’s supply of … sorry, you’ll have to read it to find out!
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