Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 16 November 2017

Hi there
Well today I was with Year 3 and I could hear all sorts of wonderful Christmas singing practice as I settled down to listen to some great reading.
First of all was Shy Shark and I learned all about fat fish, thin fish, striped fish, jellyfish and even fish which can glow in the dark!
Next was The Lost Voice where Floppy wanted to help find Chip’s voice.
After that I heard Grumptus Attack where the friends lay down on their bellies in the sand dunes. I like to do that too! Especially in the summer! Do you?
Then it was Stories of Princes and Princesses, where a hairy beggar took Prue home to be his wife, and guess what, he was actually a … you’ll have to read it to find out!
Last today was Wizard Blot and he needed a spell to get rid of a spot on his chin. Plus he’d lost his vest, pants and socks!
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Licky lick
Love Murphy