Dare to Believe Festival

On Friday, 10 children went to the dare to Believe Festival at Testwood School with Miss Ingram.  Dare to Believe is a collaboration between the Youth Sport Trust and Allianz in order to help build on the legacy of the Paralympic Games. The aim of the festival was to increase the opportunities available for all young people with additional support needs to realise their own personal aspirations in life and sport.  

The festival was held at Testwood School and was delivered by Paralympic Swimmer Kate Grey and sports leaders from Testwood School, The Mountbatten School and The Grange School.  The festival provided a unique school based opportunity for young people of all abilities to attend, and:

  • Created friendships between young people with and without additional needs and disabilities from their and other schools.
  • Provided opportunities to take part in new and exciting activities.
  • Promoted inclusion and diversity in school and the community.

The festival format was a round robin with different sports. including seated volley ball, hearing rugby and Bocha. They rotated around in their groups and were  asked a series of questions to encourage self-reflection after each of the activities.

The children were fantastic and really enjoyed the experience.

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