Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 1 November 2018

Hi there
So today I was next to some amazing clay tiles with faces, but I couldn’t see one which looked like me!
First up today was A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where Hermia and Lysander were curled up for a nap on a mossy cushion .  Immediately I knew that was my kind of story!
Next was Zak’s Virtual Worlds and Zak went to the virtual DVD store on his Dynamic Junior Rocket.  That sounds way more fun than a bike, or walking!
After that it was Wimpy Kid – Dog Days, and Rowley had a nightmare about a chicken, and his parents spent twenty minutes trying to calm him down.  I’ve never had a nightmare about a chicken.  Have you?
Chestnut Hill – Playing for Keeps was next, and Lani and her dad were in a cafe eating chocolate cream pie … mmmmmmmm, food!  Plus, I found out that dad’s nickname for Lani was Cowgirl.  I’ve got several nicknames, but the one I like best is Mr Murfles.  Have you got a nickname?
Then it was Scary Backyard Camping, and Mum and Dad helped the children put up a tent in the garden.
I listened to Green Island, where the children were at the beach and they found a seagull which was covered in oil and couldn’t fly, so they took it to Mrs Honey and she told them to … you’ll have to read it to find out her advice!
Last today was Grumptus Attack, and Max, Cat and Nok had to go into the cactus forest to find their friends.  Ouch youch!  They’re so prickly!
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