Murphy Our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 18 October 2018

Hi there
Hey, hey!  Year 4 today!
First up was Space Stars and Slimy Aliens, and Luke Upwards, the outer space expert, was explaining all about stars, galaxies and planets.  Wow!  Such a lot of information, like did you know some planets are made of rock and others are made of gas?
The Screams of the Raptiss was next, and the children were searching for the raptiss but they flew into a storm and discovered lots of raptisseseseses on the cliffs!
Next was Alien Adventure: The Deadly Cave and the spaceship teleported Tiger and Seven down to Planet Moxor.  The friends were trying to get water out of the blue cactusseseseses.  I wonder if the water was blue too!  I LOVE water – especially when it’s brown and muddy!
Then it was time to listen to Flash Harriet and the Mystery of the Fiendish Footprints.  Flash Harriet was in the treehouse trying not to listen to Dad practising piano and watching Mum spinning plates.  I’ve never tried spinning plates –  I guess my ears would fly out in all directions if I did!  I wonder if you’d get dizzy too?
After that, it was Great Greek Myths and I found out that when he was a baby, Herakles strangled two poisonous snakes!   Urrrrgh!
Last today was Fragile Earth.  Did you know that there are 6 billion people on Earth at the moment, and by the end of the 21st century, it could be as high as 106 billion people!  I wonder how many dogs there’ll be?  Hmmmm, I better lay down and have a little think about that …
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Murphy 18 October