This week’s learning.

Year 3 – This week we have been learning about the importance of a balanced diet in animals and humans. We have been looking at each food group and designing a healthy packed lunch. In English this week, we have been writing a dating description for Mr Twit. We have been writing in paragraphs describing what he looks like, what he likes, dislikes and his passion for food. We have found writing this very funny! In Maths, we have been looking at 3 and 4 times tables, we have been answering word problems involving money, measure and amounts using our times table knowledge to help us. Please keep practising your times tables and take part in the class battles!

Year 4 – This week in English we have been writing a character description of the White Witch from Narnia using similes and expanded noun phrases. In maths we have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of a shape.  Next week in English we will be starting our new unit of work based on a non-chronological report. In maths we will be starting our new unit of work on multiplication. Next week we will also be starting our DT project of designing and manufacturing a lantern.

Year 5 – This week, in English, we have been exploring dialogue to develop characters and advance action as well as setting descriptions.  In Maths, we have been practising short multiplication, grid method and some of us have been multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. In Geography, we looked at human and physical geography.

Next week in English, we will continue to explore description and look at story mapping. In maths, we will be developing our understanding of short multiplication with 2×2-digit numbers. In Geography we will be looking at coastal erosion and preventative measures.

Year 6 – In English this week, we have been designing and describing our own ‘Wreck’ Rooms based on ‘Holes.’ Next week, we will be writing a diary entry from the point of view of the Warden. In maths, we have been learning how to calculate equivalent fractions and how to simplify fractions. Next week we will be learning to convert mixed fractions into improper fractions and vice versa. In art we have been learning about the colours and techniques used in Aboriginal Art.