Please find below the most frequently asked questions


Why don’t we send all communications as paper?

To save paper, time and money, those parents who have provided email address we use the Schoolcomms to communicate via email. This means that you receive the information quicker and it is better for the environment. For parents that have not provided an email address we send paper copies via the children. We do sometimes send paper communications to all parents e.g. where there is a reply slip with money to be returned.  All our newsletters and latest news can be found on our website for you to access at any time.  Any information contained here on the school website can be provided, free of charge, to parents on request.

What is the homework?

Children are required to read every night at home. We also require children to learn their times tables and the division facts that go with them. Any additional homework will depend on the year group or the topic that they are doing. This will be communicated regularly with parents.

What happens if my child loses some uniform?

Lost property is found throughout the school and it is placed in a lost property container in each year group. These are regularly sorted through to identify named clothing and returned it to its owners. Unclaimed clothing is sent to the office at the end of each term, this is then displayed in the gazebo and sold, any unsold items are then taken to the charity bin. Parents are welcome to come and check the lost property after school if they want to look for something that is missing. Please note that it sometimes takes a week for forgotten items to make their way from wherever they’ve been left to the lost property bin.

When do the school gates open?

Children are welcomed onto the playgrounds from 08:25am. Before this time, we do not supervise them and they should not be on site. Children who are attending clubs before the start of school can access them through the main gate.

What happens if it rains before 08:30?

If it is raining doors will be staffed and children will be let in by the nearest door to get them out of the rain as quickly as possible from 8.25.

What happens if it snows?

We have an ice and snow plan and it is put into action should adverse weather mean it is required. This includes gritting paths to keep children and adults safe and a decision making process if any closure is likely. If the school does close due to snow, you will be able to find this out by calling our answer machine on 02380 865354. We will also endeavour to send out communications via our School Gateway Email and text service. Additionally http://www.hants.gov.uk/education/schoolclosures will have an up-to-date list of any school closures. Please only use the paths that have been gritted.

When can I speak to my child’s teacher?

Your child’s teacher will normally be available after school in the playground to answer any quick questions or have a brief chat with you. If you have queries that require time, please set up an appointment with them to talk at more length or in private. Please call the office to arrange this on 02380 865354 or email adminoffice@calmore-jun.hants.sch.uk.

Please do not come in through the child’s entrance door to catch the teacher as this is a safeguarding issue.

How do I pay for school dinners?

When your child/ren starts school with us, you will receive a unique code to access our online payments system, SCOPAY.  You will be able to pay for meals and view meals taken via this system.

Do I have to deliver my child to breakfast club?

Yes please, we do not supervise children before 8.25am, therefore you should walk your child to the breakfast club room via the outside door where they will be met by the breakfast club assistants.

What is the process for letting you know when my child is sick?

Please contact the school by 8.45am on the first day and every following day of your child’s absence through illness. We have an answering machine so you can leave a message at any time. Provide a written note explaining the absence on their child’s return to school.

How long do I need to keep my child away from school if they have had sickness and diarrhoea?

Please allow 48hrs from the last bout of sickness and diarrhoea to allow your child to recover fully and to avoid passing these illnesses onto other children and staff.

Does it matter if my child misses an after school club one week?

Each after school club, whether school run or independent, does a register each session, if a child is missing they let our office know and they find out where that child is. Although we know that children occasionally forget we always put the safety of children first so we would never assume that they’d just forgotten. This is why if you know that your child will be missing a club it’s really important that you let us know in advance as we waste a lot of time tracking down children who have simply gone home. We also have waiting lists for some of our clubs and if your child isn’t attending regularly we may ask them if they still want to continue going.   

Communication Flowchart

Recommended Procedure for Parents

We know that when parents have a concern that relates to their child at school, whether it’s pastoral, curriculum or staffing in nature, they often feel the best way forward is to ask to see the head or deputy head. In our experience many of these concerns can often be most quickly resolved by talking first to the class teacher as they know your children best. 

Teachers are available   after school by appointment
For queries relating to:
Learning, Pastoral or Additional needs Staff School Administration

In the first   instance, please arrange to speak to your child’s class teacher after   school by appointment.

Please speak to reception   if you require information that is related to school administration

If feel that your   query has not been resolved, please arrange   to speak to our Deputy Head, Mr Nick Darch via appointment.

In the event that   you feel your query is not resolved, please   ask to speak to our School Business Manager, Mrs V Artingstall

Still not sorted?Please   make an appointment speak to our Head teacher, Miss Cathy Ingram

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your queries,   please contact our Chair of Governors,   Mr Aaron Skeels, via the school office. Mrs Slater is always here to   support you in achieving a positive outcome.

Our full school complaints policy can be found on our website or a hard copy can be obtained from the school office.