Our learning

Year 3: We have been rounding up our learning on mental strategies this week. We have re-looked at doubling to remind ourselves that doubling is the same as multiplying a number by two or adding the same number twice. We then used our understanding of doubling to help us with a strategy called near doubles. This is when we add two numbers together that are nearly doubles e.g. 34 + 33. We would really appreciate it if over half term you could continue times table practice to keep the children building on their maths skills ready for after half term. 

In English, we have written and published our letter to Mr Twit, giving him advice on how he could improve himself to gain more friends. We have used conjunctions to show cause and effect. For example: If Mr Twit has a wash, people would more likely want to be his friend. We have applied all of our learning and vocabulary that we have been focusing on this term to make sure our letter is the best that it can be. 

Please note that there will not be any spelling homework sent home for over half term, but please do keep the reading up. 

Year 4:Last week in English we have been looking at non-chronological reports about animals. This week we will be writing about animals from Narnia and then we will be producing art to go with our writing. 

Last week in Maths we looked at area. We were discussing what area means and how to find the area or shapes using squares. This week we are looking at fractions. We are discussing what the denominator means and what the numerator means. 

This week we are applying our Science knowledge into our design and technology lessons and creating lanterns using a working circuit inside them. We have been measuring and cutting wood then joining then together to make frames for our lanterns. 

Year 5:This week has been spent getting VERY excited about Leeson House! By the time you read this, we should be there! Keep an eye on the website under curriculum news for our updates. We’re really looking forward to our very special trip and can’t wait to share all our memories with you when we get home.

Year 6:In literacy this week, we have been busy publishing our stories, based on ‘Holes.’ In maths, we have been learning to find percentages of different amounts. In RE, we have been thinking about the importance of different Rites of Passage in our lives and learning about different Rites of Passage in Islam. After half term, our new science topic will be about life cycles.