Our learning

Year 3: We are now onto our next learning journey in English. Our final outcome will be a persuasive letter to Mr Twit to convince him that he needs to change his wicked ways and take a bit more pride in his appearance. We are starting off by gathering information about Mr Twit and using new vocabulary. We will then use this information to explain how he could change and why it is a good thing. 

In grammar, our focus is on adverbs this week. An adverb describes an action. In Maths are looking at new strategy called bridging. This week we are using it for subtraction and next week we will apply it to addition. Bridging helps us count over or back over tens. We bridge through the multiples of ten when we are adding or subtracting a number that will take us over the tens boundary. Please see our blog for an example of bridging to explain this strategy further. To support this learning at home, children could practise their number bonds of numbers within 10. For example find all the different ways of making 7 or 6. This will help them understand how we can partition the second number in the number sentence when bridging, to bridge the tens. 


Year 4: Last week in English we have been using C. S. Lewis’ style of writing to help us plan our own evil character, similar to the White Queen. We are then going to write about our own evil character.

In Maths we have moved onto division using different strategies including mental and written methods. Throughout it all, we have discussed which method is the most efficient and when you may use one strategy rather than the other. We are now looking at dividing two digit numbers by one digit numbers and then moving onto three digit numbers dividing by one digit.

In Science we are looking at light. We have been carrying out an investigation to explain why shadows are formed and to see if we find any patterns in changing shadow sizes.

Year 5:This week in maths we have been developing our written methods of dividing numbers. In literacy we have been writing and editing our fantastic mystery stories! Ms. Ingram and Mr. Darch have been very impressed by them! Next week in maths, we will continue our learning of division, including learning to use the ‘bus stop’ method. In literacy we will start our new unit of work on newspaper reports.

You can help us in our learning by practising our times tables with us and division facts!

Year 6:In literacy this week, we have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of The Warden, based on our book, ‘Holes’. Next week, we will be writing our own stories based on the book. In maths, we have been learning how to multiply and divide fractions. Next week, we will be linking fractions to division and learning how to find fractions of amounts. In science, we have been learning about the different ways animals adapt both physically and behaviourally, in order to survive in their environment.