Our learning 4th-7th October

Year 3 Another week of lots of hard work from year 3. This week we have all started our guided reading work and spelling lessons. In English this week, we have been publishing our writing from Jack and the baked beanstalk. Our handwriting is looking amazing! In Maths, we have been learning about place value. We have been comparing two and three digit numbers using the more than and less than symbols, we have been using the dienes and place value counters to help us.

Year 4 This week in English we have started our new book called ‘Tattercoats’. We have been making predictions and finding similarities and differences between other texts. In maths we have been comparing four digit numbers.

Next week in English we will be identifying and exploring noun phrases. In maths we will be rounding to the nearest 1000. In DT we have been evaluating existing products and will be using this knowledge to design and make our own hand puppets.

Don’t forget Year 4 Cooks for Books on Monday afterschool at 3pm in the Year 3 playground! Bring in your donations on Monday to help raise funds for books for Year 4!

Year 5This week in maths, we have started our new addition and subtraction journey. In English, we also started a new journey towards writing a non-chronological report on the pyramids of Egypt and the River Nile. Next week, we will be concluding our History Journey with a special art project.

Year 6Yesterday, Year 6 celebrated National Poetry Day 2021 by writing poems based on the theme ‘This is Me!’ All the poems have been entered into a competition and we are keeping our fingers crossed that some of them may even be published! Also this week, we have been preparing ideas as to why the Minotaur may not have been at fault when he ate the children who were sent to him in the Labyrinth. Next week, we will be using our ideas to write a speech from the perspective of the Minotaur. In maths, we have been learning to solve problems using negative numbers. Next week, we will be starting our new learning journey based on addition and subtraction. Finally, we have been learning about the Ancient Greek Olympic Games and comparing it to the Modern Day Olympics. As we near the end of our topic, we are looking forward to seeing the Home Learning Projects, which are due in on Monday 18th October.