Our learning 3rd May- 7th May 2021

Year 3:Year 3 have been busy in English this week with writing descriptions of their mythical creatures. We wrote paragraphs about what the creature looks like, what the creature eats and what the creature likes doing. We used adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions to add extra information for the reader. We then published our work and made an illustration which we put together to make a pop-up book.

In maths, we started looking at equivalent fractions for one half. We have used practical resources to help us recognise equal values. We identified that when the numerator is half of the denominator the fraction is equivalent to a half. 

Year 4:This week in year 4, we have been looking at different types of mountains and how they are formed. We have carried out a range of activities to learn about how mountains are formed such as using soup and toast to look at how tectonic plates move around and form volcanic mountains.

In English, we have been looking at different types of nouns such as; common nouns, proper nouns and pronouns. We have also been looking at expanded noun phrases to describe different parts of a mountain.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. We have looked at equivalent fractions such, as 2/4 and ½ is equivalent. We have then been counting in fractions and looking at improper and mixed number fractions.

Year 5:This week in English we have been writing our own discussion texts and including all the features we have been learning about. In Maths wwe have been exploring fractions, decimals and percentages. Next week in English we are editing our writing. In Maths we will be finding fractions and percentages of amounts. In Science, we will be learning about how sound travels through the air.

Year 6: In literacy this week, we have been producing an information text about The Globe Theatre in London. Next week, we will be starting a new learning journey based on Fantastic Beasts by JK Rowling where we will be designing and describing our own beasts! In maths, we have been learning how to find percentages of amounts and using this to solve problems. Next week, we will be beginning to learn about algebra by learning to find rules to describe how a number has changed. In our history topic, ‘Marvellous Maya’, we have created fact files about the Maya civilisation of Chichen Itza. Next week, we will be learning about the religious beliefs of the Maya and their different creation stories.