Our learning

Year 3:This week we have creative and designed and made mazes so that a hidden magnet can control a magnetic object through a labyrinth of walls. This rounded off our science topic really well. In Maths we have been looking at quarters. We represented a quarter in shapes and quantities and have drawn on our division strategies to help us with this. 

We have also enjoyed being crafty as we made Christmas cards that involved us using our fine motor skills. Our final piece of learning this term will be in RE when we look at the meaning of Holy. 

Have a wonderful Christmas break. 

Year 4:With just 3 days left of term we can look back and feel extremely proud of what we have achieved so far and the young people we are developing into. This last week alone, we have shared our Vikings learning with parents; completed wonderful home learning projects (they look amazing so thank you for your support!); planned and written instructions about how to get to Valhalla, the Viking afterlife; learned about symmetry and the various shapes with differing numbers of lines; sung our Christmas song as well as SIGNED White Christmas in front of over 300 people! Amazing! This current group of pupils are exceptional and have been an absolute delight to teach and work alongside. As well as their academic abilities, they have shown on countless occasions that they are well mannered, kind and respectful young people. As well as showing these impressive levels of maturity, they have also retained the ability to have fun and we know so well that we learn best when we are happy. Have a very Merry Christmas and a HAPPY new year! 

Year 5: This week in literacy we have been writing our own version of a passage from our text Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. In maths we have been carrying out investigations into perimeter and area of shapes.

When we return after Christmas, we will be beginning our new Geography topic, including a new text in literacy. In maths we will be investigating negative numbers.

You can help us in our learning by helping us to practise our times tables over Christmas and listening to us read. Have a lovely Christmas holiday!

Year 6: This week has been all about DT, as we have been busily making our moving cars. It has involved a lot of perseverance and collaboration, as we have had to work hard to learn new skills and help each other to solve any problems. Fingers crossed, they will be ready to share with you at our Exit Point in the hall on Friday morning at 8.45am.

Year 6 staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and carers for their support this term with Reading Records, weekly homework and the amazing home learning projects! We hope everyone enjoys a well-earned rest over the holidays. Our topic in January will be a science topic about Evolution called ‘An Evolving World.’ The children have been given their new home learning projects if they want to get started over the holidays!