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Hi there
It was great to be back at school after half term, and I sat near Miss Green’s Year 3 class, next to the fish tank waving to the fish with my tail, and guess what?  They waved back!
First today was Alien Adventure Space Hunt, where the friends needed to find the final fragment to save Planet Exis, then I listened to Tummy Rumbles, where Mrs Mumbletrouble ate such a gigantic breakfast, her tummy made funny noises on the bus all the way into town!
Animals on the Move was next, and I learned all about migration, and how animals move from one place to another.
Then I heard lots of Silly Poems like Riddle-Me-Ree and What’s In My Basket, which were great fun.
Wall of Wax Gory Stories was next, where Arturo and Walli were on guard duty together, but when it was Walli’s turn, he fell asleep!  Oh no!
Last today was Deep Water, where Ryan was trying to persuade Jon to skip off school.  Why would anyone do that?  School is just great!  I wish I went every day!
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