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Hi there

High paw for Year 4, and first up today was Winnie on Patrol, and Winnie the witch wanted to enter a fancy dress fun run, but she couldn’t decide what to wear.  I never seem to have that problem – I always wear my fur coat!

Next was The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and four children were evacuated during the war, to stay with a professor in the country, and that’s where it all began …

Then it was Coldest Places on the Planet, and I learned that the south Pole is the coldest place on Earth.  I’d definitely need my fur coat on there!

After that it was The Little Princess, and Sara and Papa went shopping for a doll to be a friend for Emily while her Dad was away.

Spider School was next, and I learned how to make a web in 8 steps – spider steps that is!

Then it was Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea, and oh no!  Planet Earth was on a collision course with Planet Pea!  That could end in catastro-pea!  Hahahahahahaha!

Last today was The Lost Garden, a play set where Alicia had special friends that only she could see …

Licky lick

love Murphy