Murphy Our Reading Dogs Blog 25 February 2019

Hi there

So today I sat on the floor by the door to Year 4.  Haha!  I’m a poet and I don’t know it!
First up was Underwater Treasure and I found out about the Mary Rose, a Tudor ship which sank in 1545.  Guess what they found aboard, amongst other things?  400 shoes, and a dog skeleton!
Next was My Brother’s Famous Bottom.  What a great title for a book!  Dad had a big plan to save or make money, and he suggested selling the twins, or their brother Nicholas, or even Gran!
Then it was time for another story about a Dad in The Boswall Kidnapping, and in this story, Dad lost his son when he followed a boy on the escalator who was crying.  I wonder what that was all about?
After that, I listened to Gathering in the Days, which was full of great poems.  My favourite was one called Pudding!
Last today was Space, and I learned SO much, like the fact that Earth is exactly the right distance from the sun for things to be able to survive, and there’s just over 29 days between full moons!  Ar-oooooooo!  That’s amazing!
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