Murphy Our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 7 December 2017

Hi there
Today was such an exciting day!  Can you guess why?
Well, Mum and I got a very special VIP seat (well, I got VIP floor space) to watch Year 3’s Christmas Show.  The singing and dancing and all the line-learning was just brilliant, and we really enjoyed it all.  What talent!  What acting!  What a show!  Thank you so much for inviting us.
Then I went along to see Year 5, and I listened to I Can Trick a Tiger, where Floppy escapes some jungle animals by tricking them, but then the animals decide to trick him!
A Boy Called Hope was next, and I learned that families are all different and it just doesn’t matter.  It can all work out, if you have hope.
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Licky lick
love Murphy