Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 4 April 2019

Hi there

So today it was all the fours, cos I was with Year 4 on 4 April, and hey, I’ve got four paws too!
First up was The Smartest Giant in Town and I found out all about George.  George was the scruffiest giant in town, but he bought some brand new clothes and … can you guess what he did?
Next was The Parent Agency, and Barry didn’t like his name, plus he made a list of all the things he didn’t like – about his parents!
Then there was more from The Smartest Giant in Town, during which someone said I was a tame bear, which I thought was just right!
The Masked Cleaning Ladies of Om came next, and King Harry and his friends were on a quest to find a new cleaner.
Last today was A Kid’s Guide to London, and I found out all about the Great Fire of London which started in a bakery in Pudding Lane.  I also found out that you could fit 36 tennis courts inside St Paul’s Cathedral!  Wow, imagine that!
Have a great chocolatey Easter holiday, and keep reading
Licky lick
love Murphy