Murphy Our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 3 April 2018

Hi there
Big treat today!  Year 5 couldn’t go swimming as usual, so I got to hear them read instead – yey!
First up was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where I got introduced to all Charlie’s grandparents who all slept together in the same bed, head to toe.  Sounds like me and my six brothers when we were puppies!
Next was What’s Science All About? where I found out that all living things have nerves – in the brain, down the spine – everywhere!
The Arctic Fox was next, and Alex saw some mysterious paw prints in the snow, and needed to find out what had made them. 
The Brain Bending Basics was after that, and it was full of hints and tips about maths, plus I learned why the two times table is the easiest!
Alex Rider came next – Scorpia Graphic Novel, and evil Dr Liebermann had created a new weapon to use on 12 and 13 year olds in London.
Last today was The Lost Voice.  Chip had a sore throat and Mum took him to the doctor.  Floppy was a bit worried, then he realised how he could help …
Phew!  What a hot weekend!  Pant, pant!   Luckily Mum bought me a tub  of special licky doggy frozen yoghurt to cool down with, so I was very wagwag happy today!  Think I need another one!  How did you cool down? 
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Licky lick (on my yoghurt!)
love Murphy