Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 29 November 2018

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So today, I was with Year 5 near the library, and we started with Wimpy Kid – Dog Days.  Greg and Rowley had run up a bill of 83 dollars on Mr Jefferson’s account, buying smoothies at the clubhouse. Oh no!  How were they going to pay him back?
Next up was Tom Gates – Top of the Class, and Leroy got a note to take to the library to study the books there, and Buster got stuck in the open window!  Eeek!
Horrid Henry Robs the Bank was what I listened to next, and Henry needed a name for his newspaper, and came up with The Howly Howler – haha!  Great name!
Then it was Night of the Haunted Trousers, where Liam told his grandad that people wanted to close down Nursery Rhyme Land, his old-fashioned seaside attraction.  Grandad couldn’t believe it could happen, so he … what do you think happened next?
Wimpy Kid – The Ugly Truth was next, and Greg and Rowley had had a fight and Rowley’s parents were trying to be helpful and so they found Rowley a new best friend called Brian.  Who’s your best friend? My best friend’s a floppy-eared Dobermann called Doris!
 Then I listened to Tom Gates: Dog Zombies Rule, and Marble the hamster had escaped from his cage!
Last today was Dirty Bertie Fleas, and all the dogs were chasing the escaping sausages to get their friend Whiffer to run to the vet’s!  Hahaha!  Great idea!
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