Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 26 April 2018

Hi there
Today -oh joy! – I was next to Year 4’s lunchboxes!  Haha!
Anyway, first up was Mary Poppins, where Andrew the dog got lost.  I got lost once, and the dog warden had to call Mum to come and get me.  No fun!
Next was The 52-Storey Treehouse and Andy and Terry described all the great stuff in their treehouse, like the pizza parlour, the rocking horse racetrack, the wave machine, the haunted house, the hot donut vending machine – amongst other things!
Then I heard The Twits, where Mrs Twit had to keep her feet on the ground and hold on tight to all the balloons – and Mr Twit cut the strings!
After that, I learned all sorts of football tips from Football Spy, and then another Roald Dahl story.  This time I listened to Matilda, and she’d just met a new friend called Lavender.
Last today was The End of Time where I learned all about superpowers like flight, invisibility and laser hands.  I’d choose invisibility, then I could snaffle some dog biscuits while Mum wasn’t looking!  What superpower would you choose?
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