Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 23 November 2017

Hi there
Today as I sat and admired some cool masks made by Year 6, I could hear some great singing.  It made me want to join in too!  Like this, Aroooooooooooooooooo!
The first book today was Such a Fuss, where Chip had a hen called Viv, but she didn’t want to go to bed, so Chip … you’ll have to read it to find out what happened!
Next was Trish the Jellyfish, and Trish was swept against the rocks by the tide.  Sally sardine needed some help too, so read this to find out how they helped each other.
Then I listened to Rock On! which was all about unusual instruments, like a skatar which is a cross between a skateboard and a guitar!  Wow!  How do you think that sounds?  Can you ride it too?
Fear Forest was next, and Nok and his friends were captured by the Gubloons – plants which can walk and talk.  Gulp!  That sounds a bit scary.  I wonder how they escaped?
The Village Show was next, and oh no!  Mrs Mudge’s dandelion wine looked like it was going to win a prize again, but Dad had other plans …
Then came The BFG , where the BFG told Sophie that she said the kindest things anybody had ever said to him.  Ah!
Spiro, Beast Quest was next, and Malvel had committed his worst crime yet, threatening Aduro’s family.  
Great reading today.  Keep it up!
Licky lick
love Murphy