Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog Thursday 16 March

Hi there
Year 5 today, and first up was The Magic Faraway Tree, where the children climbed down into the cellar and discovered sackfuls of The Enchanter’s gold – wow!
Then I listened to Tours Trouble, where Harriet Houdini, the stunt bunny who could do back flips, was going on a TV show called Superpets Live. I’d like to do that! My back flips are coming along nicely!
Hank Clanks Back was next and I learned that Hank and his ghostly friends were being terrorised by a little girl called Poppy and her dog, Pongo, but Hank and his friends had some ideas on how to get their own back!
Then I heard Billionaire Boy, where Joe’s dad made lots of money with Bumfresh, the new loo roll he invented.  He promised to buy Joe anything at all for his birthday, but all Joe wanted was a friend. You never see friends for sale, do you?
Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable came next, where everyone in Henry’s family, except Henry, happily ate platefuls of vegetables. Henry’s mum said if he ate up his vegetables for five nights in a row, she’d take him to his favourite restaurant -Gobble and Go. I wonder if they serve vegetables there?!
Then I listened to How to Dork Your Diary, where Nikki had lost her diary and thought her friend Zoey had picked it up in the library.
Next up was Baby Aliens Got My Teacher, where the head teacher was called… Mr Murphy! Like me! I pricked up my ears when I heard that!
Last today was Treasure, a book of poems and there was one called My Dog, about a dog who liked stretching and scratching and bring stroked – that’s just like me too!

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