Murphy Our Reading Dog’s blog Thursday 14 December 2017

Hi there
Today, I noticed how great all the staff looked in their Christmas jumpers and dresses.  I wish I could have worn mine too, but I get too hot!
Today I listened to Sports Mad where The Pest and her brother were going to a football match.
Next was Swamp Crash where a jamming device was detected on the microship, and the teleporter was jammed too.  Oh no!  What do you think happened next?
A Day in London came next, and Gran came to stay and brought the children some great presents, like a boomerang!
Animals on the Move was next and I learned that some animals use the sun and the moon to find their way around when they migrate.
Last today was Beetle Blast, where Danny and Josh were twins who put earwigs in their big sister’s knickers drawer!  You’d never do that, would you?!
Have a great Christmas and happy new year, and don’t forget to keep reading in the holiday!
Hope you like the photo.  I was only 2!
Licky lick
love Murphy