Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 28 June 2017

Hi there
So today I was with Year 6, and I listened to How to Train Your Dragon, the Day of the Dreader – twice!  The Hairy Hooligans were waiting for Dreader the sea dragon to go away, but it just wasn’t happening.  What do you think will happen next?
Next it was Plague House where there was smelly slurry everywhere,and you know what that smells of, don’t you?!
The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci was next – the tinsiest pockety book I’ve ever been read – and I found out lots and lots about this famous painter.  I like painting too – with my feet after I’ve been in the pond!
Double Dork Diaries 4 was next and Nikki’s little sister Brianna sneaked into Nikki’s bedroom and stole her alarm clock which made Nikki late for school.  Then Brianna made a peanut butter, jelly and pickle sandwich but Nikki wouldn’t try it.  Would you?
Then it was Lionboy and Charlie’s mum fell off a ladder while she was in the garden.  Luckily Charlie saw it happen and helped her indoors.
Last today was Megastar Mysteries Backstage Pass, where Rosie’s drama teacher Mr Lord thought that her school was the perfect location for a film called Pulse.  I’d like to be in a film with my friend Eddie.  Together we could be famous – Eddie Murphy!  What do you think?
I’m on holiday for 2 weeks now, so see you on 20 July!
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