Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 22 November 2018

Hi there

Today I was with Year 5 – hooray! – and second best of all, I was right next to a room that smelled of bacon!  Mmmmmmm, my favourite thing!
First up today was Wimpy KId – Dog Days, and there were now only two members in the Reading Is Fun Club.  Oh no!  They need more than that – and quick!  Any ideas how to encourage new people to come along?
Next was another story about a club:  Polar Bear Explorers Club! Stella’s brother Felix refused to take her on adventures with him, and she was feeling a bit fed up because she wasn’t going too.  She needs a plan …!
Then I listened to The Twits, and enjoyed hearing the bit where Mrs Twit gets her own back by adding a special ingredient to Mr Twit’s spaghetti – and it starts moving!!
Holly the Stray Kitten was next, and Rosie was hoping to see the ginger boy kitten whose fur was the same colour as her hair.
Blood Bowl came after, and Dunk set light to his scarf in the dragon’s cave so he could use it as a torch.
Next was Goosebumps – Vampire Breath, and Cara and Freddie needed to find a bottle of vampire breath before the vampire did …
Last today was Buttons the Runaway Puppy, where Buttons had started to dig a hole under the fence.  That’s just what us dogs do! 
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Murphy Nov 27