Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 17 Jan 2019

Hi there

Today was my lucky double six day because I was with both Year 6 classes!
First up was Smoothie, and I found out how to make smoothies out of almost anything really, especially fruit.  I don’t much like fruit, but I do like most other things, especially tuna.  Tuna smoothie anyone?!
Next was Ratburger, and Zoe was a bit worried about her dad spending so much time in the pub.  I like pubs too!
Oranges in No Man’s Land was next, and Ayesha needed to go through a war zone to find medicine for her sick grandmother.
Then it was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry was enjoying the freedom to go wherever he wanted in Diagon Alley. 
The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone was next, and there was a secret room in great great uncle Arthur’s house.  Wooooooooo!
After that was more Harry Potter – The Goblet of Fire this time, and Harry awoke from a dream and examined his scar in the mirror …
Great reading today, and great stories too!
I’m on holiday for a bit now, but I’ll see you before half term!
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