Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 14 March 2109

14 March

Hi there Well, if it was World Book Day last Thursday, today must have been New Book Day, because most of Year 3 seemed to have a nice new book to read! First up was Pyramid Panic, and Frank the hamster and his owner Jacob were struggling and wriggling with bandages wrapped all round them! Next was Courtney, and the family went to a dog’s home to look for a dog that no-one wanted. The children thought that Courtney was lovely, but their parents weren’t so sure … After that, it was Noah’s Ark Adventure, and it was too wet to play outside so the children went to Biff’s room to play, and the magic key began to glow … Little Mermaid’s Deep Sea Rescue was next, and oh no! Jasmine the mermaid got her tail caught in a net. Then it was time for My Brother’s Famous Bottom Gets Pinched, where David Dumper’s Bumper Dumper Tour Bus was on the road. Next was While Angels Watch – a rhyming book full of all the things that angels help birds to do, like how to build nests and sing. The Copper Tree was next, and the children at school sent Miss Evans, their teacher, a Get Well Soon card when she was poorly. Last today was Patrick, who went to town to buy a violin from Mr Onions, who sold all sorts of things that no-one wanted any more. I’m not in school next week because it’s my birthday. I’m going to be 8! Wow! Sooo old! Keep reading. See you soon. Licky lick love Murphy