Murphy our Reading Dog’s Blog 13 December 2018

Hi there

First of all, I listened to How to be an Anglo Saxon, and I found out that monks lived in a monastery, nuns lived in a nunnery and dogs lived in a doggery!  Only joking – I made that last bit up!  Hahaha!
Next was The Masked Cleaning Ladies Save the Day, and Queen Norah was learning a new football song because her team were going to be in the cup final.
Then it was Fear Forest, and I found out what a gubloon is.  Do you know?  Then in the story, there were six robotic shapes rolling past.  How weird!
Monkey Puppet was next, and there was a new boy in class who had a special friend in his pocket.  Can you guess who it was?
After that, it was Oceans and Seas, and I found out loads of stuff, like the fact that  waterspouts can be up to 1000 metres high!
Race to the Pyramid was next, and Nok’s planet Exis was running out of power and the friends needed to collect four special fragments to restore it.
Last today was A Mouse Called Wolf, and the smallest mouse in the family was given a very special name.
Great reading today!
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love Murphy 
Murphy Christmas 2018
Murphy Christmas 2018