Murphy Our Reading Dog’s Blog 1 April 2019

Hi there

So today I was with Year 4 for sure, cor! 
First up was Tales of Robin Hood, and Robin told his Men of Green to fight back against the evil king.  He gave them red coats to wear in winter and green coats in summer so that they’d blend in with the forest scenery.  I blend in with the scenery too – especially at night!
The Lottie Project was next, and there was a new teacher called Miss Beckworth, all fierce and serious, and dressed in grey. Hmmmmm, I wonder how much fun she’d really be?
Then it was Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Greg had decided he was going to get the Class Clown award, but hang on, who was the new classroom helper?
Dork Diaries Party Time was next, and bossy Mackenzie had decided that she was the one who would approve everything …
Last today I was listening to Minecraft – Guide to Creative, and I found out that you need to double press the jump button for flight. Who knew?!
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Murphy 1 April