Governors' Awards Evening 2017

Congratulations to all the children that received an award for either Literacy, Maths or another special reasopn. Each teacher chose 3 children in their class that have worked hard and persevered with these different arease. We watched on with pride as the teachers delivered speeches about each child with such great passion.

GOV Award June 17

Samba Workshop Day!

A brilliant day was had by all today!  The whole-school took part in Samba workshops, and what a lot of noise we made!  Check out the photos and videos of the music we created!

IMG 0922IMG 0927IMG 0926

year 6 dictionaries

This morning, all of year our year 6 children were presented with an illustrated dictionary by The Rotary Club. Each year a school is chosen by the Rotary club to present to and this year was our turn.

dictionaries website

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 8 June 2017

Hi there
Well today I sat with Year 4, right next to a Viking longboat daydreaming of how I'd love to sail, with the wind tugging at my ears and twitching around my nose ...
First up today were some great poems from Can I Buy a Slice of Sky. Hey, that rhymes!
Then it was The Parent Swap Shop where Ava really really wanted to swap her parents for different ones.
Next was Daisy and the Trouble with Giants where Daisy thought of all the things she could do if she was a giant, like filling up a swimming pool with her orange squash and drinking it with an oversize straw.
After that was another Daisy story - Daisy and the Trouble with Maggots, where Uncle Clive took Daisy fishing.
Next was The Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo sang a song at a pub called The Prancing Pony just before he ... I can't tell you, you'll have to read it yourself!
Gangsta Granny came next, and granny made Ben a special dinner - cabbage soup, cabbage pie, cabbage mousse for pudding then as a treat, cabbage flavour chocolates.  What do you think Ben thought of that?!
Last today was Tom Gates Extra Special Treats. Luckily there was no mention of cabbage but Tom thought he had to write a poem about The Old and Marcus and his friends had tricked him because really the theme was to write a poem about The Cold, not The Old! What do you think happened next?
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Licky lick
Love Murphy

Poetry Recital

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Today year 3, 4 and 5 took part in a poetry recital. They have all been learning a poem off by hear and adding actions to it ready to perform in assembly.

Year 3 performed The Sound collector by Roger McGough, year 4 performed The Wreck of the Titanic by Benjamon Peck Keith and year 5 performed The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.

It was a wonderful display and the children were excellent. Their voices were loud and their diction was perfect. Well done children, as usual, you were wonderful.