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Hi there

Today Mum and me went back to the V-E-T again and straight away, I spotted the big jar of treats behind reception.  Mum said "Not now Murphy, you've only just had breakfast" so we went into the little room with the nice smiley V-E-T and they shut the door behind me.  "Oh no!" I thought, "now what's happening?"  

The V-E-T told me to lie down and roll over but I'm still learning roll over so I sat nicely instead (and did paw) while she did something under my arm. Then she led me away from Mum to see another V-E-T and they both tickled under my arm a bit more.  I came back to Mum almost straightaway, and yey!  I realised I'd had my stitches taken out, plus I got a treat too!  I'm a happy boy again - woo hoo! and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.

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Licky lick

love Murphy 

Muphy getting better

Children In Need

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Today the children dressed up in spots to support Childern In Need! It was so good to see so many children donating money to help support children who are less fortunate.

The office are busy counting the money raised and we will update you with a total!

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Monday 14 November 2016

Murphy poorly.png website

Hi there

So when I went to the V-E-T yesterday, I was all waggytail with her because I know she's got a big jar of treats which only good dogs get.  

She listened to my heartbeat with special things in her ears then felt all round my bald, stitchy places and said I was doing really well not licky licking the stitches, but she put a little bandage on my paw where I had the sleepy injection, and it's got dinosaurs on!

But ... I've still got to be on short walks on my lead until my stitches come out next week.  Oh no!  Such a long time!  I want to run about and shake my lead off,but I really mustn't because the stitches might come undone and then I wouldn't get any treats at all, so I must be good and steady like Mum says.  And I've got to carry on wearing one of Dad's T shirts at night in case I get tempted to do any licky licking.

Anyway, the treats she gave me were delicious and we went back to Reception where one of the nice ladies asked me if I'd like a treat. Oooooh! I thought, I haven't had a treat for ages!  Yes please!  So she dug her hand into the big treat jar and I thought she might like my paw.  She was very pleased and I got a treat, so I gave her the other paw and got another treat.  I love it at the V-E-Ts!

So my fur is growing back already and I'm looking forward to doing all my usual stuff again.  ASAP!

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love Murphy x

Lest we Forget

Today we remembered all those brave souls that gave up their lives in wars gone by so that we can be safe and live in peace. Every child in the school made a poppy and on the label they wrote the name of a person from Totton and Eling that died in a previous war. They then carried them into assembly where we held a respectful, peaceful 1 minutes silence to remember these fine soldiers.

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They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.

Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.

Infant & Junior School Council Meeting

Yesterday, the School Council from both the Infant anf the Junior School got together to share their priorities. They have decided to jointly organise a sponsored walk in January. They will write the letters and make posters to advertise the event and then help on the day.

All the money collected from this event will be used to purchase more lunchtime equipment and The School Council will help with selecting and ordering the equipment.

School Council with Infants

School Council with Infants 2

School Council with Infants 3