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This week the school will be taking part in national Safer Internet day and to help promote e-safety at home and in school we have updated the e-safety page of the school website. Here you will find lots of links to websites giving advice on how to keep children safe while using the internet. You will also find a link to download the school e-safety leaflet.

Click on the link below to go straight to the e-safety webpage.


Calmore Infant and Calmore Junior School Fun Run

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Last week the infant and junior schools took part in a sponsored fun run organised by both School Councils. It was particularly nice to see the infant children running alongside the junior children. All the proceeds from this event will go towards lunchtime play equipment.

Fun Run 2.png website2

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Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 26 January 2017

Hi there

I was with Year 5 today, but not before I'd carried out an inspection of all their lunchboxes - with my nose!

First of all, I listened to Horrid Henry's Underpants, where Henry and his family were having a family discussion - about vegetables.  Horrid Henry hates all vegetables, but he does like crisps, because he says they're really vegetables - is that true?!  Hmmmm, I had to have a little think about that, and while I was thinking, I listened to The Lost Key, where the children whirled the magic key round and round, but it flew off and hit a greenhouse!  Oops!

Next I heard The Lottie Project, where Charlie's mum had just lost her job as a shop manageress and things were about to change ...

After that was How to Train Your Dragon, where Hiccup had a dragon in a basket on his back.  Wow!  I'm going to look more carefully at those baskets they have on bikes!

Then I heard iWant a World Record! where the iCarly team tried for the world record for the longest webcast, but a power cut meant that they were unsuccessful.  How did the power cut happen?  You'll have to read the book to find out!

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was next, and I heard the bit where Granny Mavis had made pear and onion soup - eeeurgh! - and so she wanted to borrow some of Mum's cookbooks for inspiration.  Good idea!

Next was Mr Stink by David Walliams, and I listened to the bit where Chloe made friends with Mr Stink and offered to go to the shops for him, and guess what he wanted?  Sausages!  Sausages?  My favourite thing!  I pricked my ears up at that bit, and listened hard. Funny, I almost thought I could smell them too ...

Last today was another Horrid Henry - Horrid Henry's Christmas Cracker.  I do know it's not Christmas any more, but anyway, in the story, Mum and Dad had given each other an iron for Christmas, and other people in the family had got presents that they weren't too pleased with.  I wonder what happened next ...


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NFSSP Basketball Competition

Yesterday evening, 15 children from Year 5 and 6 took part in the annual New Forest Schools Sport Partnership basketball competition. Overall, the two teams played 4 tough matches each playing some fantastic basketball, which even the Harlem Globetrotters would be have been proud of!

Well done to all the children who took part.


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Digital Leaders

Congratulations to our new Digital Leaders! 

These children have been specially selected by their teachers to help lead computing throughout the school. As part of their role they will be reviewing new technology and finding ways to implement for ICT in school and lessons.

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