World Book Day Competition Winner!

Well done to Lawrence Eske who won our World Book Day Competition prize-a £5 book voucher!

He inspired us by writing an exciting story, which you can read in the library!

Well done Lawrence!

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Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 24 November 2016

Hi there

I was so excited to be back at school today!  I just had to sniff everything to make sure it all smelt the same!  Hooray - it did!

I was sitting by some great puppets that Year 4 had made - all different colours and styles, all waving and smiling at me.  It was so hard to choose my favourite: I loved them all!

Today we started with Vidia and the Fairy Crown, where I learned that some fairies can do water magic, some can fly like the wind and some can speak to animals.  That would be my best kind of fairy - one who could speak dog, then we could tell each other all our adventures!

Next was The Snowman, and I spent a long time wondering which bit was a dream and which was real.  I had to really think about that one, so I put my head on my paws to concentrate.

After that I listened to Fantastic Mr Fox, where I heard the bit about the three farmers, and the disgusting things they ate.  You wouldn't believe it if I told you.  Eurgh!

Adventures of Captain Underpants was next, where all the superheroes are too old to fight evil, and so Captain Underpants whizzes to the rescue instead.

Next up was Emerald Star, another book about Hetty Feather, who's trying to find her father.  I wonder where he got lost?

Last today was The Ghost Next Door, one of the Goosebumps books, where Hannah thought her room was on fire, but luckily it was only a dream.  Phew!

Great stories today.  Keep reading.

Licky lick

love Murphy

Future Wimbledon Champions!

Year 4 and 5 have taken inspiration from World Number 1, Andy Murray, over the past few weeks by participating in some tennis sessions held by professional coaches.

Update from Murphy our Reading Dog

Hi there

Today Mum and me went back to the V-E-T again and straight away, I spotted the big jar of treats behind reception.  Mum said "Not now Murphy, you've only just had breakfast" so we went into the little room with the nice smiley V-E-T and they shut the door behind me.  "Oh no!" I thought, "now what's happening?"  

The V-E-T told me to lie down and roll over but I'm still learning roll over so I sat nicely instead (and did paw) while she did something under my arm. Then she led me away from Mum to see another V-E-T and they both tickled under my arm a bit more.  I came back to Mum almost straightaway, and yey!  I realised I'd had my stitches taken out, plus I got a treat too!  I'm a happy boy again - woo hoo! and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.

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Licky lick

love Murphy 

Muphy getting better

Children In Need

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Today the children dressed up in spots to support Childern In Need! It was so good to see so many children donating money to help support children who are less fortunate.

The office are busy counting the money raised and we will update you with a total!