It's All Greek to Me

Our year 6 children started off their Ancient Greek topic in style last week. They dressed up, tasted Greek food and did crafty activities. What a fun way to get into history.

Website Greeks 4

Website Greeks 1

Website Greeks 2

Drum Performance

We started the school year with a musical performance from our budding drummers. They performed confidently supported by our drum teacher Mr Vaughan.

Drums Website 1

Drums Website 2

Year 5 Taster Day at Testwood Sports College

On Tuesday, Year 5 spent the day at Testwood. This was to see what a typical day was like at a secondary school. They had a superb day trying out different lessons. Some of them did some drama, some did Technology where they had to creat a moving vehicle with a sail. They all did PE in the enormous sports hall. They  then went into the science labs to look at acids and alkalines and tested various liquids with universal indicator. It was such fun as they had to wear googles and aprons

The children stayed for lunch and were able to eat with the Testwood students and then we had a final assembly where Testwood showcased some of their talented musicains and singers. Some children were also awarded  certificates for effort in lessons.

As usual the children behaved extremely well and all enjoyed the day. They can't wait to go to Testwood now.....!

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 28 June 2017

Hi there
So today I was with Year 6, and I listened to How to Train Your Dragon, the Day of the Dreader - twice!  The Hairy Hooligans were waiting for Dreader the sea dragon to go away, but it just wasn't happening.  What do you think will happen next?
Next it was Plague House where there was smelly slurry everywhere,and you know what that smells of, don't you?!
The Life and Times of Leonardo da Vinci was next - the tinsiest pockety book I've ever been read - and I found out lots and lots about this famous painter.  I like painting too - with my feet after I've been in the pond!
Double Dork Diaries 4 was next and Nikki's little sister Brianna sneaked into Nikki's bedroom and stole her alarm clock which made Nikki late for school.  Then Brianna made a peanut butter, jelly and pickle sandwich but Nikki wouldn't try it.  Would you?
Then it was Lionboy and Charlie's mum fell off a ladder while she was in the garden.  Luckily Charlie saw it happen and helped her indoors.
Last today was Megastar Mysteries Backstage Pass, where Rosie's drama teacher Mr Lord thought that her school was the perfect location for a film called Pulse.  I'd like to be in a film with my friend Eddie.  Together we could be famous - Eddie Murphy!  What do you think?
I'm on holiday for 2 weeks now, so see you on 20 July!
Licky lick
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love Murphy

Summer Reading Challenge

This morning, during assembly, representatives from Totton Library came to talk to the children to launch this year's summer reading challenge. This year it is called Animal Agents!

'This summer there’s something strange happening at the library – and that’s where the Animal Agents come in!

The Animal Agents love solving mysteries and they need YOU to help them crack their biggest case yet.

Who has painted graffiti on the library wall? Why are things suddenly going missing?

Join the Animal Agents for the Summer Reading Challenge 2017 and help them uncover the truth!

Taking part is simple – when the summer holidays start, children can sign up at  Totton  library. Read six library books (or more!) over the holidays to collect special stickers and complete the Challenge. Each time they  visit the library, they’ll discover new clues and evidence that will help them  solve this cryptic case.

Its completely free to join the library and to take part in the challenge. Go for it!!