Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 25 May 2017

Hey hey!  Sports Day today!  I'd like to take part on sports day - I could go in for the four-legged race!
So it was Mr Vaughan's class today, and I lay down enjoying a cool breeze.
First up was Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Dog Days, where Greg was trying to impress Heather, a girl he really, really liked.  I'm glad us dogs don't have to go through all that.  It's so much simpler being a dog.  If you like another dog, you stay and play; if you're not bothered, you just say Hi and move on.  Simples. 
Beware Killer Tomatoes was next, and Jack was in hospital with a broken leg, and he was so bored, he was even missing school!  I don't ever get bored, but sometimes I like to have a little dream while I doze ...
Then it was Wimpy Kid again (the first one) where it was Halloween and a man in a  mask was hiding in Chain Saw Alley.
Next was iHero Dragon Mountain, where you could fly around the sky on a gryphon hergal until you chose what to do next.
Then it was The Railway Children and I got introduced to all three of them, right at the beginning of the story.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was up next, where Augustus Gloop got a golden ticket to look round Willy Wonka's factory, and that meant there weren't many tickets left to find ...
Then I listened to another Wimpy Kid book, Roderick Rules.  That made three today!  It was swimming practice at 7.30 every morning.  Wow!  That's a bit early!
Next was Notes from Steven Davis, the Southampton football manager, which was written like a letter to all the fans.
Last today was Fantastic Mr Fox, a story about three mean farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean.  What great names!
Phew!  It was so hot today, Mum bought an ice cream from the van outside school, and I had a little taste - mmmm!  Raspberry!  Nom nom!  My new favourite thing!  Licky lick!
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love Murphy

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 19 May 2017

Hi there
I was with Year 5 today and everyone was in their PE kit.  So glad Mum didn't dress me up again.  I probably would have had to wear trainers or something.  That's be two pairs as well one for the front, and one for the back!
First up was The Magic Faraway Tree, where a giant had given an old woman one of his shoes and her brother had made it into a house for all her children.
Next was Judy Moody Predicts The Future, where Judy had a mood ring with special magic powers.  I'd love special powers - I'd make myself invisible and chase all the squirrels!
Then came Double Dork Diaries, where Nikki met Brandon again, the first time since the sweetheart dance, and she'd got something to ask him...
After that was Horrid Henry's Underpants, and Henry's Mum said that the family could all go to Gobble and Go, provided that Henry ate up all his vegetables for five nights in a row.  Do you think he could  do that?
Another Henry book was next.  It was called I Am Henry Finch and it was all about a bird made out of a fingerprint and how he could make a difference.  You'll have to read it to see what I mean!
I Hero Strike Force was up next and it was one of those books where you are the hero of the story and you can decide your own destiny, so it's different every time.
Then it was Wimpy Kid Dog Days, where one of the mums had made some spinach brownies - eeeeeurgh!
Last today was Alex Rider Eagle Strike, where Alex was on holiday in the south of France hoping to sever his links with MI6 but it didn't quite turn out that way ...
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Licky lick
love Murphy

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 10 May 2017

Hi there
Year 4 at the door!
Tom Gates's Best Book Day Ever was first up today, and Tom's outfit for the parade was a scary alien costume which frightened his sister Delia, especially when he took the mask off! 
Then, joy of joys, another Tom Gates book!  This time it was Extra Special Treats, where Granny Mavis and Granddad Bob were having a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party, except that they didn't know it yet!
Next was Horrible Histories - The Mad Miscellany, where I learned that the Romans used whole packs of dogs all dressed in doggy suits of armour!  They couldn't have been easy to run around in, could they?  Creak creak!  Clank, clank!
After that, I listened to Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies, where Izzy and her friends found out the the demon dinner lady was ... spoiler alert!  No, I couldn't possibly tell you, you'll have to read it to find out!
Sophie and the Shadow Woods was up next, where Sophie climbed up a wall, using her superstrength powers.  Wow!  I'd like special superenergy powers like that!  I could swim miles across rivers, climb up mountains and never get tired, explore the jungle without ever feeling hungry ...  What superpower would you like?
Next I listened to Scream Street, where Luke made friends with a vampire bat called Resus Negative and a mummy called Cleo Farr.
The Hobbit came next, and I settled down to hear adventures about Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and the dwarves travelling there and back again through Mirkwood Forest.  It didn't sound as nice as the New Forest near us!
Last today was The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat, where Mr Grinling had a cat called Hamish who he hoped would chase all the mice away, but Hamish was a bit too well-fed to want to chase mice.  If I chased Hamish, then maybe he would!! Hahahahahahaha!
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Love Murphy 

Murphy Our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 4 May 2017

Hi there
It was great to be back at school with Year 3 today.  
First of all, I listened to Spider's Big Match, where a boy called Spencer was known as Spider because his hair looked like a spider plant! Hahahahahaha!
Next I listened to Zak's Virtual Worlds, where Zak jumped into his dynamo junior rocket and whizzed to the virtual DVD store.  Wow!  I wish there was one of those near me!  I'd like to watch a DVD about a virtual  butcher's shop!
After that, I found out all about Julius Caesar and how Brutus and Cassius were planning to kill him when it looked like he was going to have supreme power over everyone.
Anne Frank was next, and there was a secret annexe at the back of Anne's dad's office building.  I'd like to sniff out a secret annexe!  Maybe there'd be biscuits and sausages in it, just for dogs!
The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper to the Rescue was next, and it was all about a baby seal who was washed up by the sea and he was very, very hungry!  Luckily Henry the mouse was around to help him. 
Then I heard Chestnut Hill, where Noel led Dylan the way to the room she was going to share with other horse-mad girls at Chestnut Hill.  
Last today was Animal Ark - Hedgehog in the Hall, where there was a mother hedgehog and her four babies in Mr Hunter's compost heap!  Hope nobody heaped them onto the veg patch by mistake!
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love Murphy

Winners of the Southern JRock Final 2017

RC Final 2017 9


We are absolutely delighted to have won the Southern JRock Final last night in Portsmouth. It was a truly moving piece that was based on The Diary of Ann Frank called Hidden Hope. We all looked on full of pride as our children performed with skill, professionalism and sensitivity to the subject matter. They worked so well as a team led by a wonderful group of adults who both supported and encouraged them to be the best they could be. This performance has provided them with a wonderful memory that will stay with them forever. A fantastic team effort from everyone in our Calmore Family. Well done one and all.

RC Final 2017 Ann

RC Final 2017 ALL 8

RC Final 2017 3

RC Final 2017 2

RC Final 2017 5

RC Final 2017 6

RC Final 2017 34