The Little Princess

Last week M&M Productions came to Calmore to deliver their show The Little Princess.


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Sara Crewe is a young girl who seems to have everything her heart could wish for; she is loved and doted on by her father, and attending the best school that his money can buy- Miss Minchin’s Academy for Girls.  

However, fate takes a turn for the worst, leaving her penniless and totally dependent on the charity of her headmistress. Cruelly exploited by the merciless Miss Minchin and school bully Lavinia, Sara, and her friend Becky; the scullery maid, try to smile though their troubles and are helped by the magical intervention of her Eastern guardian angel, the mysterious Mr Ramdass. with its strong anti-bullying message and themes of friendship, understanding and inclusion.

Many a child were seen wiping a tear from their eye through the sad and really chuckling at the funny bits.

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Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 2 March 2017

Captain Underpants
Captain Underpants 2
Murphy Captain Underpants
Hi there
So today was a bit different actually, and not only cos I was with Year 5 and Year 6.  First of all, Mum sneaked a pair of underpants on me when I wasn't looking - and a red scarf, then I noticed that Wally was on Reception in a stripy T shirt.  I spotted him, even if he was in stripes!  Or was he actually a her?
I should have known something was up cos when I looked around, the children weren't wearing school uniform.  Hmmmmm ... strange, I thought.
Then, surprise!  The first book I listened to was Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants, all in a fun rhyme!  I checked what I was wearing to make sure they weren't gold (they weren't) but it was no good.  They had to go ... so aIl in a flash, I pulled them off and became a brand new character - Captain Redscarf!
After that, I listened Red Riding Hood, who skipped up to me with a book called Fluff and Billy, who were penguin friends, then enemies, then ended up friends again after a tickling match!
Destination Earth was next, where Lucy had just  moved from Basingstoke, at least, that was what she was told to say - but who by?
Then I heard one of the Horrible Histories - The Barmy British Empire, where Britain invaded other countries who didn't even have any choice about it. 
Year 6 had to be somewhere else then, so Year 5 came and read instead.  I heard Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where Charlie found some coins, went to the shop and bought some chocolate - which was wrapped in a winning golden ticket!
The Butterfly Lion was next, where a schoolboy was so unhappy, he decided to run away from his boarding school.
After that was Walter Tull, who was an Afro-Caribbean soldier and a footballer in World War I -  very unusual in the British Army.
Last today was Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Double Down, where Greg joined a special secret club but I can't tell you any more about it, cos it was a secret - you'll have to read the book!
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Licky lick
love Murphy

World Book Day 2017

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Today it was...

'All about the books 'bout the books

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All about the books 'bout the books

Keeo Reading!'

To day we celebrated World Book Day in style with everyone in school dressed up as their favourite book character. Also, we were treated to an excellent performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-can you recognise any of the actors?




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Hidden Hope

Congratulations to all the children that took part in the Rock Challenge event at The Southampton Guildhall before half term. Their portrayal of the story of Anne Frank moved many of the audience members to tears. The performance was truly stunning and as it came to an end you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium-everyone was truly amazed by this fabulous, dramatic piece.

Thank you so much to all the staff and friends & family of staff who have worked so hard to rehearse, paint, sew costumes, order costumes, sort tickets ets We are SO lucky to have a staff team that all pull together for the benefit of your children. It simply could not happen without all their help. Thanks also to Mr Dickenson for doing the lighting-it looked amazing.

A special thanks must go to Miss Dunbar for creating this fabulous piece of dance. She has an amazing vision & knows how to make her ideas become a reality in such a professional way. We now look forward to the final in April. Go Calmore!

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