Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 8 December 2016

Hi there

Thank you so much for letting us watch the concert.  We loved it!

love from Murphy x


Murphy’s Christmas Concert Dog Blog

“Wake up Murph! It’s time for school!”

Mum said to me today

“We need to go, we’ll miss it if

We don’t leave straightaway.”

So off we went to Calmore School

And got there just in time

To take a seat right at the back

To see the children shine.

Then when everyone sat down

And I lay at Mum’s feet

I felt a friendly tickle and –

The headteacher was next to me!

I saw a fairy clockmother

And a silver Christmas tree

I can’t believe the acting

Was done only by Year 3!

The children all looked happy

And the songs were really fun

I wish I could learn all those words

So they’d trip off my tongue!

The children sang such catchytunes

There was lots to remember

Fun actions plus fab singing too

Meant a great 8th December!

Year 6 Careers Fair

What an inspiring afternoon we had today!

Our fourth and arguably best careers fair yet was enjoyed by the pupils of Year 6 this afternoon as people from all walks of life and work came and shared their experiences with us all.
At the start he half term, having explained that 'the world is their oyster' and that 'no doors or paths have been closed ahead of them', the children were encouraged to dream big - raising aspirations and daring to aim high was the aim of the event - and as a result, the pupils wrote to various professionals across the region, and indeed on occasions, across the world asking them to come along to our careers fair and share their experiences and journeys they have made in their lives at work. Letters were written to vets, chefs, the Navy and computer programmers to name but a few. No ceiling was put on their hopes, so Tim Peake and JK Rowling were also recipients of handwritten letters - the latter sending replies apologising that her busy schedule meant a visit would not possible this time! However, we began the day expecting the afternoon to be a success with Southampton University, a midwife, electrician, anaesthetist, palaeontologist, police and fire services, artist, photographer and marine biologist all promising to be there.
By the time the children walked into the hall we had also welcomed a surveyor, architect and nurse to the fair. Children began the hour long session by splitting into groups and visiting our visitors at different tables and asked questions about what they did, how they had got to where they are today and any advice that they could offer if theirs were the footsteps they wished to follow in.
Every child was fully engaged and excited by the experts who talked openly about the pros and cons of their jobs.
The art department from Testwood Sports College, with their very own professional artist, wowed the children with examples of paintings, drawings, sculptures and textiles.
.Throughout the time, pupils were were allowed to take photos...
...try on uniforms...
...listen to their own heartbeats with the help of our visiting anaesthetist...
...and then listen to those of 'unborn babies' courtesy of midwife, Jane, whose passion and enthusiasm for her job was reflected in the children's fascinated faces.
 The palaeontologist proved to be a real hit. Transported back millions of years, Jake was overheard walking away saying, "I could talk to him forever - he was so interesting!"
Our architect allowed the children to show off their design skills. Afterwards, an inspired Owen said that he would now like to become one.
Surveyors, electricians and nurses showed off some of the equipment that they use in daily situations...
...while the prize for largest exhibit went to the fire service (it had previously been the police car but fire engines are just that bit bigger!)
However, size isn't everything and nowhere was that more evident than with our marine biologists who brought in a variety of sea creatures including crabs, anemone, starfish and oysters. 
What an afternoon it was and one that left all the pupils enthused and energised about their futures and the possibilities that there are laid out before them.
No door is yet closed. No path is yet blocked.
Dream big.
The future is out there...
 ...and it's waiting for you to go and grab it!

World Book Day Competition Winner!

Well done to Lawrence Eske who won our World Book Day Competition prize-a £5 book voucher!

He inspired us by writing an exciting story, which you can read in the library!

Well done Lawrence!

WBD pic

Lawrence book new

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 24 November 2016

Hi there

I was so excited to be back at school today!  I just had to sniff everything to make sure it all smelt the same!  Hooray - it did!

I was sitting by some great puppets that Year 4 had made - all different colours and styles, all waving and smiling at me.  It was so hard to choose my favourite: I loved them all!

Today we started with Vidia and the Fairy Crown, where I learned that some fairies can do water magic, some can fly like the wind and some can speak to animals.  That would be my best kind of fairy - one who could speak dog, then we could tell each other all our adventures!

Next was The Snowman, and I spent a long time wondering which bit was a dream and which was real.  I had to really think about that one, so I put my head on my paws to concentrate.

After that I listened to Fantastic Mr Fox, where I heard the bit about the three farmers, and the disgusting things they ate.  You wouldn't believe it if I told you.  Eurgh!

Adventures of Captain Underpants was next, where all the superheroes are too old to fight evil, and so Captain Underpants whizzes to the rescue instead.

Next up was Emerald Star, another book about Hetty Feather, who's trying to find her father.  I wonder where he got lost?

Last today was The Ghost Next Door, one of the Goosebumps books, where Hannah thought her room was on fire, but luckily it was only a dream.  Phew!

Great stories today.  Keep reading.

Licky lick

love Murphy

Future Wimbledon Champions!

Year 4 and 5 have taken inspiration from World Number 1, Andy Murray, over the past few weeks by participating in some tennis sessions held by professional coaches.