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It was so great to be back at school today after the Christmas holiday, and I was with year 3 today.  Hooray! Hooray! 

I sat near the poppies and waving puppets, and first of all, I listened to What Happened to the Dinosaurs? and I must admit, I got a bit confused because the person reading it was 88.  That's too old for school isn't it?  I knew she was 88 because she had a badge on which said so.  Well, two badges actually.  Does that make a difference?  I had to have a lie down to think about that while she told me all about dinosaurs.

Next was a book of poems about tickling your granny, being called Sid and having sweet teeth.  Poems were really popular today because later on, I heard some more from Michael Rosen's Something's Drastic.  I especially liked The Itch.  I could write an itchy-scratchy poem!

The Big Bang was next, where I found out that millions of years ago, there was a powerful explosion which started the universe.  Wow!

After that, I listened to Chamber of  Treasures, where Nok was trapped in a hanging cage of rubies and the friends had to make a plan to rescue him.

Lost in the Snow was next, where Fluff the little kitten needed a new home, but Nathan really wanted a tarantula or a snake, not a kitten.

Last today was Middle School, where Rafe and Jeanne were caught in the girls' bathroom and were outside Mrs Stricker's office on the bench of shame.  Uh-oh!

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Calmore Junior School is GOOD

Dear Parents                                                                                                                          

As you know, the school has recently had an OFSTED inspection and we are delighted and proud to be able to report to you that the school has been assessed as being a strong “Good” school overall and in each of four key categories of assessment; Achievement of Pupils, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour and Safety and Leadership and Management. Attached is the full report for you to read at your leisure.

Some of the real highlights of the report include:

School leaders and governors are ambitious and have set high expectations for staff and for pupils.

Teaching is consistently good across the school.     

Teachers provide activities that are of interest to pupils and inspire them to learn.

A strength of the school is the vibrant curriculum that is stimulating and inspires pupils to learn.

Pupils behave well in class and around the school and have very positive attitudes to school.

The curriculum is underpinned by many enriching experiences that add to pupils’ enjoyment of learning.

Pupils are welcomed into a delightful learning environment that is stimulating and attractive.

A message from your Chair of Governors

 As governors, we have had the privilege of working closely with our school leaders as they have worked tirelessly to meet the challenging demands of the Ofsted Inspection Framework. I know you will join us in congratulating the whole staff team on achieving “strong good” after a gruelling and exacting inspection. Your children did their school proud, speaking confidently about their determination to be the best that they can be, and so impressing the lead inspector, that she wanted to come back the next day! Chris Slater

We are pleased that OFSTED has recognised the vast improvements made to Calmore Junior School over the last few years. We have dedicated these years to school improvement and providing a safe, happy environment where your children can grow into successful, lifelong learners. We have been determined to provide the very best possible teaching and learning opportunities for all the pupils without ever losing sight of the caring and supportive ethos that makes our school’s learning environment so rich.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my excellent staff team and governors for their dedication, passion and hard work. It has been a long, hard road but well worth it. Now we can continue our desire to make Calmore Junior School the best it can be.

Lisa Marshall

Christmas Assembly Testwood Baptist Church 2016

Our Christmas Assembly brought a tear to your eye yesterday as children sang, narrated the story and played instruments. There were lots of family members, friends, governors and visitors to share this special moment with us. Well done to all the children for both their performances and their excellent behaviour.

Church website 5


Year 5 and 6 Handball Competition

Yesterday a team of 11 handballers made their way to Testwood Sports College to compete in the NFSSP Handball Competition. After battling their way against some very tough teams they made it to the Quarter finals where they lost in a dramatic end to end game. 

Well done to all children who were a credit to the school.

20161213 160308

20161213 160235

20161213 160223

A Heavenly Host of Angels!

Year 4's withy angel sculptures now hold pride of place in St Anne's Church, Calmore, where they will fly from the rafters during this Christmas season.

We are very proud of them - we think they look fantastic!!!IMG 2651


IMG 2652