Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 11 October 2017

Hi there
I was with Year 3 again today, hey hey!
First up was Beast Quest The Soul Seeker, where the flying beast swooped down from the sky and stole Aduro the wizard's soul.  How will he get it back?
Next was Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse, where Horrid Henry was copying Clever Clare's spellings to try to win a bag of sweets.
Beast Quest Spiros The Ghost Phoenix was after that, and I heard the bit about a girl riding on a phoenix's back.  Wow!  I hope she was holding on tight!
The Village Shop was a good story about Jo and Kate making dandelion wine.
Then I listened to Sands of Akura, where the friends had to save planet Exis from running out of power., but how?
Alien Adventure Chamber of Treasure was next, where Tiger could feel something under his boot.  What do you think it was?
Next up was Goosebumps Return of the Mummy, and Gabe's uncle Ben told him about the tomb they were going to open up ... ooooh! What do you think they ouind?
Trains Speed Up came next, and I found out all about bullet trains in Japan.
Then I listened to The Broken Roof where there were workmen in Edward's room, mending the roof.
Last today was Dragon Hunter, where Burden wanted to trap a dragon.  How could he do that, do you think?
Great reading today.  Keep it up everyone!
Licky lick
love Murphy

NFSSP Cross Country

Last Thursday, our Year 5 and 6 Cross Country team travelled to the Gang Warily outdoor centre to compete in the NFSSP Year 5 and 6 Cross Country competition.

20171012 133942

Over 100 teams were competing this year in a highly competitive competition split into boys and girls races. All the children must be very proud of their achievements and look forward to the individual races in the new year!

20171012 143053

20171012 141520

20171012 144741

Testwood Basics bank

Yesterday, Sarah was Testwood Baptist Church came into assembly to talk to the children about the Basics Bank. The bank provides much needed food and resources for people who are less fortunate than us. Each year at Harvest time we collect tins and packets for the food bank. basics bank website

Magical Mystery Tour

Year 3 today embarked on their magical, mystery tour of the New Forest today as part of their Geography topic. It was somewhat soggy but they still had a great day. They travelled by coach, foot, ferry and train-all in one day.


Website 2 New Forest Trip

Website 3 New Forest Trip

Website 4 New Forest Trip

Website 5 New Forest Trip

Calmore Junior School Open Afternoon 2017

Over the last few weeks we have carried out over 50 individual and group tours for year 2 parents before selecting their junior schools. Yesterday we had an open afternoon where parents brought their year 2 child with them to look around. We were delighted to see SO many people attending. They had personal tours carried out by our very oen year 6 pupils. Here are some of the comments that our visitors left behing:

  • A lovely tour the children were very polite
  • We really like the place and my daughter is looking forward to starting
  • The two guides really sold the school
  • It was great
  • I hope my son will be able to attend here
  • I like this school very much
  • The tour was fantastic
  • Our tour was helpful and informative
  • The girls were a credit to your lovely school
  • My favourite part was the wonderful library
  • The children that took us on a tour were a credit to this fantastic school
  • Lovely children, excellent tour

We hope that you will all be joing us in September. If you haven't yet had a look around then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange to do that for you.