Year 3 Stable Manners

Stable Manners

Three animals with 'attitude' and a lot to prove, fight for pride of place in this nativity play.

This week,Year 3 performed Stable Manners which includes all the traditional elements of the nativity story with top-notch songs, funky musical arrangements and a very clever script that brings the Christmas story bang up to date!

Well done to all the children and staff for putting on a fabulous show.

Christmas Show year3 websiter

Year 3 Christmas Show Stable Manners

School Council Healthy Eating Assembly

School Council Healthy Eating Assembly December 2015

Today our school council delivered an assembly about healthy eating. They told the children that in order to be healthy they would need to:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Eat 5 a day
  • Eat healthy breaktime snacks-fruit, vegetables or cereal bars
  • Drink lots of water
  • Clean your teeth twice a day
  • Get lots of rest & go to bed early
  • Do lots of exercise
  • Healthy Eating Assembly Dec 15

Year 6 Careers Fair 2015

Year 6 Careers Fair 2016

What an inspiring afternoon

Careers Fair 2015 - the best one yet...?    

Year Six were treated to an afternoon of fascinating questions and answers as 14 different organisations and professionals came to Calmore to share their experiences of working life.    
From vets to librarians, sports photographers to foster carers, the hall was alive with the buzz of excitement as the pupils made their way round and chatted to our special visitors.
The pupils had previously chosen and then written to different people, inviting them to come and talk about their jobs and how they have come to be where they are today. Many replied and although not all were able to attend there were those who took the time to answer questions by letter.   
Of those who were able to make it, we had second year visits from Dr Ken Collins, an oceanographer from Southampton University and Gary Harding from the RAF. The children were fascinated by the stories that were told and in the case of Dr Collins, listened in wonder as he spoke of all the places around the world his job had taken him!
The police and army were represented courtesy of Brandon, Christian and Tristan's letters while two vets from different practices came in and shared x-rays and images of animals not to mention some cuddly toys wrapped in bandages!     In the far corner of the hall, the 'Careers Fair' could have been mistaken for a hair and beauty salon as Mrs Chance demonstrated her hairdressing skills...
...while Southampton University certainly inspired our pupils by sharing their experiences of life at university and what to expect as an older student in Further Education.
Foster Carers, NHS workers, teachers, professionals from Paulton's Park and the entertainment business as well as Southampton FC's very own official photographer were all on hand to make the afternoon a true success.
The pupils were brilliant - asking thoughtful and inquisitive questions - and it was clear to see that many individuals had been truly inspired by some of our visitors.
A wonderful afternoon and hopefully one that will live long in the memory, and who knows, perhaps even have a big influence on futures...