Zebra Update

We are busy getting our zebra ready for the Zany Zebra trail around Southampton this summer. He is due to be ready in May so look out for him during the summer months.

Jamie's mopsaic design is really coming to life now!

zebra painting 2 website

zebra painting website 1

Ukulele Festival 15.3.16

Year 3 and 4 were treated to a musical feast at the Ukulele Festival this afternoon by the lunchtime Ukulele club. The children played some songs that they have been learning with Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Penny aswell as new songs that they learnt this afternoon.

2016 03 15 14.37.522016 03 15 14.37.57

2016 03 15 14.39.222016 03 15 14.40.32


2016-03-15 14.44.57 from a vaughan on Vimeo.

Tag Rugby

Making the most of the lovely weather we have had so far this week, the children have been out learning and playing tag rugby with Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Brewster ready for the upcoming New Forest Sports Partnership competitions!

2016 03 14 14.28.11 2


2016 03 14 14.28.41

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 10 February 2016

So today I was with Year 6 and sat looking up at Sharon Creech's Love That Dog poster.  I love that book! Woof Woof!
I heard so many good stories today.  I listened to Toro! Toro! where a boy's village was on fire because there was a war going on, then I heard The Secret Room where Floppy the dog and the children are made mini-size!
Next was Tom Gates's Top of the Class where Uncle Kevin plans an adventure for everyone, then Cloud Busting, all about the friendship between two boys, and all in poem format too.
Girl Online On Tour was all about Penny losing her phone at a gig, and in My Sister Jodie I listened to the bit where Jodie was waking up slowly to hear her sister telling a story.  I like waking up slowly too, especially if my hoomans are cooking bacon!
After that, I heard Dark Summer where there was a disco dancing championship for 9 year olds and Boy in the Tower, which started where a boy lives at the very, very top of a tower block and loves the view he can see over everything.  I like being up high too - there are the best smells for my twitchy nose up there!
Finally, I listened to Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident, where someone has been supplying human power sources to the goblins, and it looks like Artemis is responsible.  Or not!
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World Book Day 2016

Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day to promote the wonder and pleasure of reading. We all know that getting children reading is the key to their success at school so World Book Day is an ideal time to promote reading.

All the children dressed up as their favourite book character and as part of the day they shared books with children from the infant school.

World Book Day 2016 3 website

World Book Day 2016 website 2

World Book Day 2016 website 3

World Book Day 2016 website