New Forest Tag Rugby Tournament

This afternoon the Year 4 tag rugby team travelled to Ringwood to take part in the New Forest Sports Partnership tag rugby tournament.

The team consisted of Imogen, Natasha, Laila, Morgan, Matthew, Taylon, Edward, Daniel, Reece.

They played with a positive attitude in their 5 games, making it through to the quarter finals and represented the school with great pride and teamwork!

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We Reached the Peake!

Thanks to a fantastic effort by all the children in the school we managed to not only Reach the Peake but fly past it into the atmosphere! Together the school managed to walk, run, scoot over 707km! That is 707, 000 metres!

That is further than London to Southampton!

That is further than Southampton to Belgium!

That is further than 1,683 laps of St Mary's Stadium!

That is further than 2,357 laps of the school track!



Reach the Peake Update!

The children have been working hard to cover their metres at home and in school. Thanks to their hard work our grand total is.... 375,331 metres! 

A fantastic acheivement by all the school, showing what can be acheived when we work together!


Reach the Peake!

The staff and children have been busy completing as many metres as possible to help the school reach Tim Peake in the international space station. After the first day our total was an amazing 90,218 metres! An amazing achievement from everyone. 

Just when we thought it could not get any better, after day 2, our total is an unbelievable 307,065 metres!

What a fantastic team effort, putting us well on our way towards the 405km target. We wonder how far we can go...



Zippy Zebra

Zippy Zebra is now complete and ready to form part of the Zany Zebra trail in Southampton. It’s a coloured patchwork, with all the patches coming together to represent the Calmore school family.

I think you will agree that it looks absolutely stunning!

It will be a really proud moment for the children when they see our zebra in Southampton.

Completed Zebra