Year 6 Easter Egg Competition 2017

Easter Egg Competition    

The Year 6 Easter Egg competition has always been something to look forward to and this year has proven to be no 'egg-ception'! As well as providing us with the opportunity to 'crack' some hilarious jokes...or should I say 'yokes' also gives the creative minds of Year 6 the chance to 'egg-spress' themselves in weird and wonderful ways...
 We have emoji eggs, book character eggs, beautifully crafted eggs and of course Angry Bird eggs...
 ...dinosaur eggs, deep-sea eggs and even Pokémon 'egg-samples' ('Yokémon' anyone?!)
 'Egg-stra' bright troll eggs, rock challenge performing eggs...
...and even 'Eggquestrian' eggs. The voting is almost over so make sure you've cast your vote...
...otherwise your choice may not win. And no one wants they?!

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 30 March 2017

Hi there
So today, I sat by some Viking longboats and pretended I was the captain until the Year 4 children arrived!
First today was George's Marvellous Medicine, and George had to look after his grumpy Grandma.  "Don't get into mischief!" Mum told him as she went out shopping, so guess what George did ...!
Next was Time Hunters Viking Raiders, where Cleo the cat climbed up to the top of the ship's mast.  I wish I could climb, like a cat, or a squirrel.   Sigh!  That would be such fun if they weren't expecting to see me up in the trees beside them!  Hahahahahaha!
Tom Gates's  Extra Special Treats (Not!) was next today, where Marcus went home with Tom and drew a picture of Tom on his doodle wall!  A doodle wall!  I'm a doodle, a labradoodle, and that's where I could put all my family photos and drawings!  What a great idea!
Then came I Never Liked Wednesdays, where Roger and his friend Midge decided to run away to sea together.  They took with them some jammy dodgers and two jumpers each.  Do you think they needed anything else?
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets was next, and I listened to the bit where Hedwig, Harry's owl, isn't ever allowed out of Uncle Vernon's house.  Ever.  I'd go crazy if I couldn't go out, wouldn't you?
Last today was Leopard Adventure, where there was a girl called Amazon who was invited to join an organisation called Tracks, which rescues wild animals.  I just love animal stories!
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Red Nose Day 2017

A huge thank you and well done to everyone at Calmore!

Having sold nearly 200 iced buns (so kindly baked for us by the kitchen staff) and having added that money to your contributions for wearing red today, we can reveal that we raised a grand total of...
There is still time to add your money to the bucket at the office but in the meantime...

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 23 March 2017

Hi there
I noticed that there was a very, very, very thin person slumped in the chair near Year 4 today.  He didn't look at all well.  In fact, he sat so still, I thought he was dead, so Mum said I'd better not go over and sniff him in case he was.  Then we realised it was just a skeleton and not real at all.  Phew!  It was good to be sure though!
First up today was Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cabin Fever and I found out all about the green dye incident.  You'll have to read it to know what I know!
Next today was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I listened to the part where the maid found three members of the Riddle family who'd been killed.  Oooo-er.
My Headteacher is a Vampire Rat came after that, and there was a sign saying that the children's classroom was now dangerous and out of bounds, but the children didn't know why.
The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was next, and the class were doing self-portraits with the help of mirrors.  I just don't get mirrors - all I see is another large black fuzzy face staring back at me.  Just weird!
There was more from that book, where the children in Mr Fullerman's class thought that time was going so slowly, they stood on a chair and altered the clock's hands when he was out of the room!
Then surprise!  Some infants came into school and sat nearby, happily listening to some juniors who were explaining their work to them.
Next up for us was Foxcraft and The Elders, where Isla was so frightened that the hairs stood up on the back of her neck.   Oooooh, that makes me feel all shivery too!
Then I listened to A Rock Is Lively, which was full of rock recipes with amazing, exotic-sounding words to try and pronounce, like gneiss, gypsum, lapis lazuli ... try and get your tongue round those!
The Smallest Whale was next, where the whale accidentally swam onto the pebble beach.  How could he get back into the open sea?
Last today was Daisy and the Trouble With Christmas, and there was a countdown from Bonfire Night until Christmas.  Christmas - that seems such a long way away!  Isn't it Easter next?!
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Licky lick
love Murphy

Michael Rosen

Miss Ingram and I were lucky enough to meet author and poet Michael Rosen at a conference last week.

Michael Rosen

He is a very famous children's writer who not only writes books but goes into school and helps children write too.