Murphy Our Reading Dog's blog Thursday 14 December 2017

Hi there
Today, I noticed how great all the staff looked in their Christmas jumpers and dresses.  I wish I could have worn mine too, but I get too hot!
Today I listened to Sports Mad where The Pest and her brother were going to a football match.
Next was Swamp Crash where a jamming device was detected on the microship, and the teleporter was jammed too.  Oh no!  What do you think happened next?
A Day in London came next, and Gran came to stay and brought the children some great presents, like a boomerang!
Animals on the Move was next and I learned that some animals use the sun and the moon to find their way around when they migrate.
Last today was Beetle Blast, where Danny and Josh were twins who put earwigs in their big sister's knickers drawer!  You'd never do that, would you?!
Have a great Christmas and happy new year, and don't forget to keep reading in the holiday!
Hope you like the photo.  I was only 2!
Licky lick
love Murphy

Year 6 Careers Fair 2017


Wow. What an amazing afternoon in Year 6! Having invited 18 different professionals from all sorts of jobs and careers, the pupils were fortunate enough to be able to spend time with them and find out all about their day-to-day lives.
To start with, Sophie, an undergraduate from Solent University, spoke with the pupils about her life - the steps she has taken since leaving junior school, leading her through GCSEs, A levels and now her degree course. She spoke about how she took a year out before going to university in order to explore the world; she visited Thailand, scuba dived, climbed mountains, spent time with family. It was really inspiring and allowed the children to dream...
The careers fair itself was so exciting. We welcomed marine biologists, palaeontologists, photographers, Police, vets, chefs, archaeologists, teachers, actors...the list went on.
We had the RAF, footballers from AFC Totton, hairdressers, forensic scientists and even Ali Sparkes came to speak of her life as an author. It was brilliant. We had over an hour to chat and find out all we wanted to. For some, it reaffirmed their aspirations and hopes for the future while for others it made them reconsider or discover something new.
But for everyone, it made clear that the future is an exciting place and actually showed that with hard work and determination, those hopes and dreams really can become a reality.

Year 4 Christmas activity afternoon

Last Friday, year 4 children and parents came together in the hall for a Christmas Crafts afternoon. The event was very well attended and all who participated really enjoyed singing Christmas songs, making tree decorations, making Santa cards,  creating snowmen in different outfits, completing wordsearches and even some colouring- most relaxing!Thank you to all who came.


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Year 3 performed Bethlehem The Musical  a brilliant new nativity that charts the exciting events leading up to one very special night in Bethlehem.
This all-singing, all-dancing, 60-minute production weaved the extraordinary story of the birth of Jesus.

They were truly spectacular and told the story with both confidence and flair-well done year 3.

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Murphy Our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 7 December 2017

Hi there
Today was such an exciting day!  Can you guess why?
Well, Mum and I got a very special VIP seat (well, I got VIP floor space) to watch Year 3's Christmas Show.  The singing and dancing and all the line-learning was just brilliant, and we really enjoyed it all.  What talent!  What acting!  What a show!  Thank you so much for inviting us.
Then I went along to see Year 5, and I listened to I Can Trick a Tiger, where Floppy escapes some jungle animals by tricking them, but then the animals decide to trick him!
A Boy Called Hope was next, and I learned that families are all different and it just doesn't matter.  It can all work out, if you have hope.
Keep reading.
Licky lick
love Murphy