Murphy Our Reading Dog's Blog Thursday 4 May 2017

Hi there
It was great to be back at school with Year 3 today.  
First of all, I listened to Spider's Big Match, where a boy called Spencer was known as Spider because his hair looked like a spider plant! Hahahahahaha!
Next I listened to Zak's Virtual Worlds, where Zak jumped into his dynamo junior rocket and whizzed to the virtual DVD store.  Wow!  I wish there was one of those near me!  I'd like to watch a DVD about a virtual  butcher's shop!
After that, I found out all about Julius Caesar and how Brutus and Cassius were planning to kill him when it looked like he was going to have supreme power over everyone.
Anne Frank was next, and there was a secret annexe at the back of Anne's dad's office building.  I'd like to sniff out a secret annexe!  Maybe there'd be biscuits and sausages in it, just for dogs!
The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper to the Rescue was next, and it was all about a baby seal who was washed up by the sea and he was very, very hungry!  Luckily Henry the mouse was around to help him. 
Then I heard Chestnut Hill, where Noel led Dylan the way to the room she was going to share with other horse-mad girls at Chestnut Hill.  
Last today was Animal Ark - Hedgehog in the Hall, where there was a mother hedgehog and her four babies in Mr Hunter's compost heap!  Hope nobody heaped them onto the veg patch by mistake!
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Licky lick
love Murphy

Winners of the Southern JRock Final 2017

RC Final 2017 9


We are absolutely delighted to have won the Southern JRock Final last night in Portsmouth. It was a truly moving piece that was based on The Diary of Ann Frank called Hidden Hope. We all looked on full of pride as our children performed with skill, professionalism and sensitivity to the subject matter. They worked so well as a team led by a wonderful group of adults who both supported and encouraged them to be the best they could be. This performance has provided them with a wonderful memory that will stay with them forever. A fantastic team effort from everyone in our Calmore Family. Well done one and all.

RC Final 2017 Ann

RC Final 2017 ALL 8

RC Final 2017 3

RC Final 2017 2

RC Final 2017 5

RC Final 2017 6

RC Final 2017 34



Year 6 Easter Egg Competition 2017

Easter Egg Competition    

The Year 6 Easter Egg competition has always been something to look forward to and this year has proven to be no 'egg-ception'! As well as providing us with the opportunity to 'crack' some hilarious jokes...or should I say 'yokes' also gives the creative minds of Year 6 the chance to 'egg-spress' themselves in weird and wonderful ways...
 We have emoji eggs, book character eggs, beautifully crafted eggs and of course Angry Bird eggs...
 ...dinosaur eggs, deep-sea eggs and even Pokémon 'egg-samples' ('Yokémon' anyone?!)
 'Egg-stra' bright troll eggs, rock challenge performing eggs...
...and even 'Eggquestrian' eggs. The voting is almost over so make sure you've cast your vote...
...otherwise your choice may not win. And no one wants they?!

Murphy our Reading Dog's Blog 30 March 2017

Hi there
So today, I sat by some Viking longboats and pretended I was the captain until the Year 4 children arrived!
First today was George's Marvellous Medicine, and George had to look after his grumpy Grandma.  "Don't get into mischief!" Mum told him as she went out shopping, so guess what George did ...!
Next was Time Hunters Viking Raiders, where Cleo the cat climbed up to the top of the ship's mast.  I wish I could climb, like a cat, or a squirrel.   Sigh!  That would be such fun if they weren't expecting to see me up in the trees beside them!  Hahahahahaha!
Tom Gates's  Extra Special Treats (Not!) was next today, where Marcus went home with Tom and drew a picture of Tom on his doodle wall!  A doodle wall!  I'm a doodle, a labradoodle, and that's where I could put all my family photos and drawings!  What a great idea!
Then came I Never Liked Wednesdays, where Roger and his friend Midge decided to run away to sea together.  They took with them some jammy dodgers and two jumpers each.  Do you think they needed anything else?
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets was next, and I listened to the bit where Hedwig, Harry's owl, isn't ever allowed out of Uncle Vernon's house.  Ever.  I'd go crazy if I couldn't go out, wouldn't you?
Last today was Leopard Adventure, where there was a girl called Amazon who was invited to join an organisation called Tracks, which rescues wild animals.  I just love animal stories!
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Red Nose Day 2017

A huge thank you and well done to everyone at Calmore!

Having sold nearly 200 iced buns (so kindly baked for us by the kitchen staff) and having added that money to your contributions for wearing red today, we can reveal that we raised a grand total of...
There is still time to add your money to the bucket at the office but in the meantime...